Thursday, November 27, 2008

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and more

I would like to start off this post with the announcement of my first ever Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale.

****In my my Etsy shop all handmade items (Christmas cards, tags, and pre-made scrapbook pages) are part of my BOGO SALE. Buy any one item and receive a second of equal or lesser value FREE.
All listed scrapbook supplies are also on sale, they are all 20% off.

****In the ebay store all commercial cards are part of the BOGO SALE. These cards will no longer be listed after this sale until next year so be sure to grab them now!
Also like the Etsy shop all other supplies are 20% off.

These sales are on now til 11:59 p.m. pst December 1st

On a completely different note, I had a great Mommy experience today. For the first time ever I spent time helping in Trevors classroom. I didn't get a chance when he was in kindergarten because of the other kids I was watching, this year with Rory home I was able to go. What a great time I had. I went with the expectation that I would be helping the teacher help the kids so I was a little surprised to find myself filing for the teacher but actually it was a blessing because I was able to listen to all going on.
The one shock I had was the lock down drill. it was the first one of the year so the kids were quite confused.
Oh what a different world we live in from when I was in school. I get why we have it but being a part of it really made me mad, to think these kids grow up thinking this is something normal.

The Christmas season is now in full swing around here and the kids have their first Christmas party on Sunday so I am really excited. I keep asking Brendan what he is going to ask Santa for for Christmas, the answer is always "a little present", I have no idea what this means but I am determined to find out!

So hopefully the lights go up this weekend, Trev has a birthday party and the Christmas party, and I am hoping this sale noted above has me hoping off my feet.


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