Monday, November 17, 2008

Hit by the Christmas bug!!! Can I be Martha Stewart this year?

Last month I posted about how Christmas seems to be arriving earlier and earlier every year. I was upset about this but it seems now I have been hit by the Christmas bug. I find myself throughout the day singing Christmas carols and can't wait until I can decorate the house.

Every year I have these grandious plans to be the Martha Stewart of Langley. I want to have the most elaborate decorations, the biggest most beautiful tree, and little fairies dancing around the house, ok just kidding, but I think you get the idea.

Well what happens, life! I never find the time to complete all projects, or I take on too much and don't finish the projects like I want them to be.

So here's what I did today. I signed up for the Martha Stewart Christmas workshop, this starts today , apparently this is supposed to help organize me.

So will it happen?, well I don't know, but maybe this year I can get a little closer to my Martha Stewart Christmas, or I will again just be satisfied with happy kids, and the true meaning of Christmas.

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