Monday, June 28, 2010

Exciting month of June (and end of May)

So the end of May saw the marriage of my niece and her fiance. It was a beautiful ceremony (even if it did rain, which is apparently a sign of good luck) and the reception was awesome. It was held at the Vancouver Yacht Club and the food....I have never seen such a spread. It was a buffet than never seemed to end!! All in all it was a fantastic day! Congrats Em & Paul.

The very next day was Rory's 40th birthday. I had a dinner planned for him at a local golf club and then cake back at my sisters. It was so classic because everybody started to leave and say goodbye as if they were leaving for the night and going home. You should have seen his face, no cake, no presents, and we didn't even sing happy birthday. I was laughing so hard inside watching him, knowing that my sisters house was decorated with the 40 theme and the most expensive cake (more than my wedding cake) was waiting to be cut. Again it was a wonderful party, and so nice to see all of my boys dressed up for 2 days in a row!

The next day we were off on our Alaskan adventure.

1 week on the Carnival Spirit with my Mom and the boys. The weather was spectacular (better weather than we are having here now). We visited the following stops and rather than inundate you with my 400+ photos I will just add a couple for each stop.

  • Endicott Arm

  • Skagway

  • Juneau

  • Ketchikan

Victoria (we didn't dock here due to high winds, not such a big deal as we can take the ferry to Victoria and day but I am sure there are some that were disappointed.)

I highly recommend this trip, the beauty is amazing, but just as an fyi from what I have been told and experienced June is the best month to visit. The reason I was told was because you get a bit of both snow and green as opposed to all of one in the earlier or later months of the year.

We returned on the 8th and were surprised to find the baseball season was still going strong for Trev's team. They were supposed to be done while we were away but they made it into the playoffs. His team ended up taking first place and Trevor was named MVP for one of the games (very exciting!)

It doesn't feel as if we have stopped since coming home but that's a good thing, always better to be buys than not!

Talk soon (more regularly from now on)


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Back from Alaska, what a wonderful holiday

We have actually been back since this past Tuesday but honestly at midnight on Saturday this is the first second I have had to sit and reflect.
I am hoping to put together a post before the weekend is up, we have one last busy weekend with baseball so I am not sure.
Here are a few pics from the trip, many more to follow :)