Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wow the talent on Etsy is mind blowing!!

As the title states the talent on Etsy is mind blowing. I put out an offer for Etsy shop owners to be featured on my blog and the response was incredible!

I decided to make this a Christmas gift feature with quite a number of different items and shops. I wasn't able to include all simply because my fingers would fire me for all the typing but I have to say that every shop that responded was amazing!

So let's get started, hoping that you will be able to find that perfect Christmas gift from one of these sellers.

This shop includes a wonderful selection of watercolor paintings. Florals, Abstracts, Land & Sea, and much more.

They are currently have a great sale. If you purchase anything in their Holiday Gift section you will receive another item of equal or lesser value FREE.

Here is one example of the beautiful work in the shop.


Well if I had girls I would be spending a ton of money in this shop. Since I wasn't allowed to cut my hair until I was 12 you can imagine just how many ponytail holders I have worn. These are by far the sweetest I have ever seen. These would make a great stocking stuffer for sure!
This shop is also offering free shipping for all orders over $20.


This shop features oil paintings, pet portraits, pendants and more.
The pendants really struck me, simply beautiful and a great selection.
Here is my favorite. Be sure to check out the shop as they have many different designs.

Treeartist -
When I came across this shop I fell in love with the paintings, they are so unique and really vibrant. I was quite happy to see that the artist was just down the highway from me. I love supporting local business.

Currently they are offering free shipping on all purchases till November 30th.

Check out these wonderful paintings

Across the Pond Designs -
This shop has something that I have never seen before and I think it is the greatest idea. Perfect gift for the person who has everything.

It is a wooden locket that you can do so much with, here are some examples from the artist
Some ideas for using your locket:

-Use index prints from your photo processing
-Print tiny pictures from your own computer
-Type up your favorite quotes
-Put inspirational messages that you can look at throughout the day
-Collage a tiny little scene
-Scan and reduce a love note from your favorite person
Here is my favorite


Here is another very talented shop owner. The quality of the work looks outstanding and the originality is superb.

If you are a butterfly or cat lover this is one shop you don't want to miss

There isn't much to say about this shop because the pictures speak volumes. Stunning work for sure. I can't imagine any woman on your list that you couldn't find that perfect gift for.

This shop is also having a great sale, Free earrings with a minimum $20 purchase. Please check with the store for further information on this sale.

Again my favorite:

Bancroft Studios -

One look at the dinnerwear available in the shop and I'll bet you' ll be in love. I know I was.

All of the pieces are dishwasher and microwave safe. Currently they are offering nautical or hydrangea designs, however you can visit for other designs as well.
This piece is beautiful!

Jillian Haupt & Co -

If you have a princess or cupcake in your life then definitely stop by this shop. The items for sale are just so sweet that every little one should have something special like this.


Are you looking for a ring that is truly unique to you or for that someone special on your shopping list. Well look no further. The rings available in this shop are stunning. Stop by an take a look, so many different colors!


This is the description on their front page and I think it describes their inventory wonderfully.
Welcome! To the home of lovable, huggable, joyful, covetable toys, dolls, craft kits, t'shirts and more!

There isn't one item in their shop that isn't really sweet, this below just happens to be my favorite


Ok doesn't every little girl deserve a strawberry hat. I think they all do, or maybe an acorn hat, cupcake hat etc. The items available here are so much fun. I mean really Mary Jane booties, awesome!

Take a look at these pics, just two of the sweet items currently for sale.


Ok so finally I was dared by a fellow shopowner to feature their shop. Well I never step down from a dare, lol. I do not wish to add pictures but another shop to visit on Etsy is: (be warned they disclose mature items on their pictures)

Happy shopping everyone, only 39 sleeps til Christmas



Covetables said...

Thanks for featuring me! Wow, you have found some amazing stuff. I'd write more but I have to go shop on etsy now before anyone else snags some of these things!

Ruth of Allover Art said...

Thank you for featuring me! What great great shops; I'm honored to be among them. :)

tricia mckellar said...

Love that necklace from dreaminofbeadin! :)

Casey said...

Awesome post! Thanks so much for featuring my shop. I'm so proud to be among all these great selections!

niftyknits said...

LOL what an amazing collection of talent! If naughtyknits are not to your liking, I have a range of more acceptable knitted gifts at - but well done for daring to be bold enough to feature my naughty shop!

LeelaBijou said...

wow, what a great selection!

Stacy said...

So generous of you to do this! Thanks for mentioning my shop ~ I truly am touched. I love Etsy and there are so many shops that have yet to be discovered. Thanks for shining the light on such wonderful Etsyans!