Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Clean up and decision day

As the title states today is clean up and decision day. What does that mean? Well I have a few custom jobs that I will be focusing on today until they are done and ready to go. Then I need to make a few decisions regarding the direction of my business.

A custom scrapbook, I have finished 16 of the 20 pages so this should not be a problem completing today. As well I will be working on 50 poinsettias for the 50 custom photo cards I need to get completed. Still awaiting the photo though so I do have a bit of time for this one. I would like to however have everything ready to go when the photos do arrive.

So that's the clean up now it's time for the decisions.
Currently I have both an ebay store , and an Etsy shop .
I carry scrapbooking supplies and Christmas cards in my ebay store and handmade Christmas cards, tags, scrapbook pre-mades and more in my Etsy shop. Do I continue with both or start my own website where all is included in one area. This was the goal in the first place but now with the economy in the state it is I am not sure that this is the best time to open and pay for a website. My business can handle it financially but I just don't know if this will be the most beneficial time to start such and endevour.

Anyway with the kids back in school today I am hoping I can complete most on my to do list.
Then if all goes as planned I am hoping to sit down tonight and get some personal scrapping done, the boys books definitely need some updating.


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