Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Valentines is a really weird holiday for me. Rory is not one in favor of this holiday, he claims he doesn't need one day a year to tell me how much he loves me as he does it all year long. I personally love the idea of Valentines but have given up, it can honestly hurt too much to build something like Valentines up in your head only to be let down. I don't blame him I just don't quite understand.
Anyway we did have a lovely Valentines as a family. The kids had Rory type out a poem for me, it goes like this:
Thank You

Thank you for smiling
Thank you for laughing
Thank you for playing with us

Thank you for making breakfast
Thank you for making lunch
Thank you for making dinner

Thank you for taking us to McDonalds to play
Thank you for taking us to the park
Thank you for doing fun things

Thank you for high fives
Thank you for kisses
Thank you for hugs

We love you
We love you
We love you
Happy Valentines Day
Love Trevor and Brendan

We then took the kids out to use their new scooters. They got scooters for Christmas but this has been the first time to try them as the snow only just went away.

Neither of them had been on a scooter so it was quite a bit of fun, however when they saw they park they decided this was more fun than the scooters. Basically we found ourselves going back and forth between sliding and scootering.

For those of you that celebrate this holiday I hope it's the best
Valentines ever!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

1 year and counting til the BIG event

In less than one year our city will be hosting the world for the 2010 Olympic games. After being awarded the games over 6 years ago you can imagine just how big a deal this is today.

I have always been a great supported of the games, it's a once in a lifetime event for sure, but I do have to say that being bombarded with commericals, advertising, and constant media chatter is starting to drive me nuts :)

Today the Olympic torch was unveiled and many events are scheduled to celebrate this day.

Here is the torch, followed by a pic of the Olympic mascots. I only wish my Dad were here to take in this event, he loved the idea of hosting the Olympics so I will definitely take in as much as I can in his honor.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I can't bake but maybe this contest can help

I came across a wonderful new blog today that has a contest for a cupcake book. Looking at the pictures I can't imagine I could bake the cupcakes let alone decorate them as shown in the pictures.
Take a look at this post , for more pics and info on the contest, the cupcakes are amazing!!


Gangster wars ,Vegas....and an earthquake - quite the week!

I moved to the quiet community of Walnut Grove just over 6 years ago to get away from the crazy city life to an area I felt safe to walk alone at night if desired. How the times have changed! I have the option of 2 large grocery stores in my neighbourhood and the how I decide on which one I go to is whether I will be stopping for coffee on the way home or not. Rory for whatever reason cannot (or will not ) drink home brewed coffee, only Tim Hortons, so I was very surprised this past Friday afternoon that he did not want one on my way home. Since this was the case I decided on Save-On to get some last minute shopping done rather than IGA, all I can say is thank goodness.

Below is a picture of the madness that erupted here on Friday afternoon at the store I didn't go to while I was shopping at the other store. Machine gun fire at the truck right outside the front doors of the grocery store. It was a gang shooting over what is apparently a turf war going on right in the middle of my neighbourhood. The man was killed and the shooter drove off to the amazement of many onlookers at the strip mall.

So I left for Las Vegas on Saturday and returned from Vegas on Monday. What a whirlwind of a trip!

Our flight out at was at 11 a.m. We had booked to fly United but for some reason found ourselves on an Air Canada flight. I rarely fly out of Vancouver (the savings for one ticket leaving from Seattle instead is usually crazy enough that it is worth the drive) so I haven't flown Air Canada since I was a kid, it was really nice!

When we arrived in Las Vegas they were in the middle of a major downpour, I have never been there when its been raining so I was quite surprised, the roads were flooded, it was a mess!

We stayed at the Paris Hotel, I was really looking forward to it but honestly I don't think I would stay there again, a little smaller than I had imagined. It was a gorgeous site.

We had tickets to see Jersey Boys at the Palazzo so the plan was to get checked in, gamble a bit, and then off to dinner. We ate at Emerils Table Ten at the Palazzo, it was really nice but we were snubbed by the waiter because we didn't order appetizers or dessert. What I find so funny about that is they think (I'm assuming, I could be wrong) because the bill is smaller without the extras that the tip would be smaller, not true with me, if the service is great you will get a BIG tip anyway, but if you snub me, yeah well not so big :)

Once dinner was done it was off to see Jersey Boys, this was a great show. There was quite a bit of profanity and I know how much my Mom hates that but she was able to get past it and really enjoyed the show.

It was a late night of gambling and then off to bed around 2 or so.

We woke up late and then went casino hopping. We didn't really have a plan as our time was so limited so we really just walked, stopped into a casino for about an hour and then off to the next one. My sister visited with her friend that lives in Vegas so Mom and I just did the casino hopping.

We were off to see Elton John that night so by the time we got back to the hotel and changed we didn't have enough time for dinner, no problem in Vegas dinner can be at midnight :)

Elton what can I say. I knew to expect a show given that is was Elton but I can honestly say I wasn't expecting the show we saw. When we picked up our tickets they advised us that there would be adult content, I thought some language etc. NOT. I have a G rated blog so I will not go into what the show was about but I can say I saw quite a bit of Pamela Anderson with poles and much much much worse :) It was an awesome show though.

We left the next day and I lost A LOT of money, can't say Rory was too pleased with me when I returned but I figured it would be quite a while before I returned to Vegas again.

Just before I left Vegas Rory had called and left a message. He was letting us know that it was snowing like mad outside and that there had been an earthquake, the epicenter just blocks from our house. Well if you knew Rory you would know that he is known for his stories, always in fun. With this reputation I can tell you we all thought he was pulling our leg especially when my sisters boyfriend advised that it was sunny outside (my sister called him minutes later) and NO there hadn't been an earthquake.
When I landed I called Rory and was laughing at what I thought was his joke, he's like I swear it's all true, still I didn't believe him so when I returned home there was a link open on the computer to show that there was in fact an earthquake. Rory was on the couch when he said it felt like he was on logs in the water, there was also a big bang and Ror thought that someone had hit the house. The earthquake was only 2.1 in size but honestly it's freaking me out because although I knew we were in an earthquake zone somehow I had myself believing that it wouldn't be close to our home, blocks away is just a LITTLE close. Oh and the snow.....apparently our neighbourhood had a huge isolated storm cloud that dumped snow so no joke there either!
This gang war thing is really freaking me out....woke up this morning to find out that two cars were shooting at each other earlier this morning at a gas station just down the street, they got away but one car was immobilized with a bullet......not sure what's going on in my sleepy supposedly safe neighbourhood.

Cheers :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

New cards and mini note cards just listed

I have had the chance to put together a few more cards and some mini notecards for my Etsy shop.

If you make a note that you found these on my blog I will offer a discount of 15%!

I also have some cute birthday themed cards listed this week. They have a fun paper pieced candle, there are 4 different cards using the same candle theme.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

52 Questions - question #5

question #5 - How do I feel today?

answer - Today I feel hopeful. With all the craziness that has made up our lives for the past few years I can honestly say that today I feel hopeful. It's like starting a new chapter with the move and the new job.
However the kids today.....they could quickly change that to feeling NUTS. I have two children that woke up very early this morning and the effects are starting to show right now, lol. Bedtime can't come fast enough today!!!!

How do you feel today??


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok so where have I been?????

Sorry for taking so long between posts but I can honestly say more has happened in the last few days than has happened for my family in months (maybe years).

The sale of the house is finalized, YIPPEE, YAHOO, HOORAY. I am just a little excited!!!!

I accepted a new position as an inventory planner (this is to lead to a management job once my 3 month probation is up). I start immediately following my return from Vegas. It has been quite a while since I have worked out of the home, I am excited for sure but also a little hesitant. Getting back in the swing of things could be a challenge for sure. I haven't started a new job since 2000, so this could be fun.

Finally we found our new house. We will be moving into it probably around March 15th. We don't have to be out of our house until the 27th so we are most likely going to move in stages. The kids don't know yet that we have found the house but once we tell them that their is a built in playset in the backyard, a large playroom, and their very own rooms I am sure they will be just as excited as I am.

Here is a picture of the front of the house.
I have also given notice to the family I do daycare for, I feel really bad that I had to do this, the kids really enjoyed having them here but there comes a time for change and I guess this is now the time.

So I am on my way to Vegas this weekend, I am sure I will post before then but honestly between starting the new job, packing and moving, and getting Rory organized to be the SAHD, life will probably be just a little crazy for a while.