Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Christmas to do list

I know for many of you Christmas planning is still a few days away with Thanksgiving the main focal point but for me it is time to put together the lists.

I don't know if I would ever get anything accomplished if I didn't sit down each morning and make my daily to do list, well the same goes for Christmas but to a much bigger degree. So I plan today (it's actually on my to do list for the day) to sit down and make the Christmas to do list. What gifts I plan for everyone, what kind of food to plan this year (I like to try something new every year and still stay with the traditional), when to decorate, what clothes the kids need, what our family donation will be and so on.

Once the to do list is done (it's never done until boxing day) I will be posting it here. I am thinking if I make it public than my procrastination won't take over on the cold and rainy nights.


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Kathy said...

I have my "get in shape plan" posted on my blog and I update it daily. If it wasn't on my blog there are plenty of days I would NOT have worked out....I feel like I have to. It works!! Good luck with the list!