Sunday, August 22, 2010

Card challenge & Niagara Falls

This has been a lazy weekend, making up for the crazy week we just had. We left early last Monday for Hamilton, ON. Rory had a doctors appointment so off we were on a 5 1/2 hour flight across the country.
Normally the time change doesn't affect me but I think leaving on Monday and coming home Wednesday did a real number on my system, quite honestly this is the first time since last weekend that I have felt alive.

We took a detour since we had an extra day to Niagara Falls. This place has been on my bucket list for quite some time so I am really happy to have seen it, it was also nice to be with just Rory, nothing against the kids but some adult time was really needed for both of us. We were both surprised by our reaction to the falls, they were simply magnificent but I think we both imagined them to be a lot taller.

Since being home nothing much has been accomplished with the exception of a lot of yawning but I have put together a few custom layouts and one card challenge. It is my sis's b-day tomorrow so we are heading out for dinner tonight, this is the card I made for her big day.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Four leaf clover vs Friday the 13th

It was funny yesterday, I came home and found the entire troop hanging inside on a wonderful sunny day playing DS, Wii and the computer. After realizing that this was the itinerary for the entire day I turned off all electrical devices and ordered the boys outside. Of course I was hit with the "I have nothing to do!" whine from Trevor to which I responded, "Oh well, get some Vitamin D and figure something out.". He then tells me that he is going to search for a four leaf clover, I encourage this as I figure it will never happen but will keep him busy on a hunt for quite some time. Yep the best laid plans right, not more than two minutes later he comes up to me and asks, "is this a four leaf clover?", and guess what it was!!
I checked on-line to see the odds of acutally finding one and read that for every 10,000 3 leaf clovers you will find 1 4 leaf clover, I wonder how much further the odds go up if you are looking on Friday the 13th!!!
It was exciting but unfortunately a few minutes after the research of the odds I hear " I have nothing to do!", lol.

Planning the quick trip to Ontario on Monday so not a lot of scrapping/cardmaking going on, hopefully I get right back in the swing of it when we get back.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blog candy, mmmmmmmmmm

I was doing some blog surfing tonight and came across this blog, to find there was a wonderful blog candy post. So be sure to go take a look, some wonderful work to view!!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Monday

Well thankfully the rain has come for a few days. In July we received a total of 1mm of rain and that has not helped the forest fire situation. Today after three days with on again off again drizzle they have lifted the health/smoke warning. As I said in the last post the air quality has been so bad many have been forced to stay indoors.

With the rain maybe my lawn with change from that lovely gold color to its natural green, probably not but here's hoping :)

I have finally taken the time to take pics of some projects I recently finished. They were originally for challenges but with the lack of computer they did not get posted as such.

I am working on some new challenges this week so hopefully I will be able to enter the challenges before the due dates....this is the plan.

Personal layout for Brendans Book

Cheers :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another birthday has come and gone

I have been absent for quite some time but this time I do have an excuse. My laptop screen cracked (not my fault but long story) and I have been without a computer for quite some time. We do have a home computer I could use but I never seem to have more than 5 minutes before the kids or dh are crying to get on, seriously what did we all do with out time before computers :)

I celebrated my birthday this past weekend (Friday acutally) and it was a great one. My Mom took me to see a local production of Glengarry Glen Ross starring Eric McCormack, it was a great play. The week before we had seen The Lion King, I have never left a play disappointed but this time I was, not sure if I was just expecting too much but I was not a fan.

We went for a nice dinner Friday in Queen Elizabeth Park, usually the views are outstanding, one of the tourist destinations, but on this day the smoke from the 400+ wildfires going on in B.C. left a haze leaving the view a little disappointing. I truly feel bad for the people with respitory problems because the air has been really bad.
Wonderful hubby purchased the Big Shot for my b-day present, I haven't really found he time yet to play with it but I can't wait.

Also while I was away from the blogging world we took in the fireworks (largest fireworks display in Canada), I wasn't going to take Brendan because I feared that the crowds would be too large (300,000+) to take both boys but I am glad I did, he had such a blast seeing it for the first time.

We were able to get all the kids school shopping done yesterday, crazy having to buy for both of them this year. Brendan is counting down the days to his first day of school!!

Finally I found out on Friday that Rory has too see a doctor in Hamilton, ON, NEXT WEEK. I have never heard of flying 5+ hours for a doctors visit on a weeks notice. We have to find a kennel for the dog but thankfully we were able to get Rorys sister in to watch the kids here, I have to go as well at the doctors request. One nice thing is that the way the flights came about we will have 1 full day to look around and Niagara Falls are only one hour away, this is a place that has been on my bucket list so for that I am excited.

Hope to have some of my craft projects loaded here tomorrow.

Oh and also if anyone knows what I would have done to have all my sidebar items at the bottom of my blog I would love your advice on how to fix it, it's driving me crazy ;)