Sunday, November 9, 2008

Really scary day yesterday....and great new Etsy shops

I slept in yesterday (I received a call from my sister at 1 a.m. asking if I would please pick her up, her and her boyfriend had consumed a little too much alcohol at a concert, even though she was 45 minutes away I am glad she was responsible enough to call!), when I woke up Trevor was complaining of a terrible headache.

Rory had to go run some errands so basically the boys and I were just lounging around on a terrible rainy day. A perfect Saturday in my opinion (without the headache of course).

Then we received a call and a little panic set in. My Mom had heard that a townhouse complex on 208th street had exploded, both my sister and Rorys sister live in a townhouse complex on 208th so you can imagine the panic.

After getting through to them both we found out the complex between them was the one with the explosion. Somebody was moving out and was left a gift at their door. A pretty pink package, when he brought it into his house it exploded, not something that happens in our area EVER.

The police were looking for more bombs and haven't advised if this is a targeted thing or a random thing, I only live 1 block over myself so I am hoping this is a one time thing for sure. Anyway truly weird day for our quiet neighbourhood.

Trevor felt better which was good but it was still an inside day for us. Football games and hockey games took over the day. Hoping to get out today to make up for a complete inside day yesterday.

I also found some great Etsy shops yesterday that I would like to feature and I was able to put together a few more Christmas cards for my own shop.

Take a look at this sweet shop, I absolutely fell in love with the bears, but the cow oh my

Littlegreenshoots shop is wonderful, take a look and see if you can resist these wonderful creatures.

This next seller does something I have tried and tried but can never manage to do. Mosaics. I love the look of mosaics and these ones in Mashed Potatoes Mosaics are simply stunning.

A few of my personal favorites are these below, but there are many more stunning examples at the shop.

Finally I couldn't finish this post without showcasing this gingerbread house. You can find it in Wonderworks shop. A truly amazing piece! If you love miniatures be sure to check out the rest of the shop, wonderful work for sure!

I too was busy at work and have listed some more new items in my shop. I am hoping to post more every day so I would love it if you stopped by to take a look.
Santa Claus Christmas card
Christmas tree tags
Cheers, happy Etsy shopping :)


Angee said...

Thanks so much for featuring my Tiny Classic Gingerbread House, one in the series of 15 miniature collectible Whimsy Houses available at

I love your pretty and informative blog as well as appreciate your Etsy features. I'm now a follower!


Chloe' said...

Hello :o)

Thankyou so much for featuring my shop, especially My Mini Moo & Francis!

Nice christmas tree tags =)
Following & will be back to see more features!

Bear Hugs