Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I think this is the longest I have gone in a while

between posts I mean!

It has been a crazy few days, super busy!

Trevor received his first 1st grade report card, he did awesome. I couldn't get over the number of items they are graded on, I think it is about 48.

We had a birthday party and a Christmas party on the weekend, and I was super busy finishing custom orders. For the first time in days I am finally sitting down.

I have put together my list for Christmas, I will be prepared, I will be prepared, lol. So far I have been able to cross off 3 items. The christmas ring chain has been made, see bottom of post for more info, it's great if you have little ones asking you how many more days til Christmas, outdoor lights have been purchased, and they are up.

So next on the the list....send out Christmas cards, finalize the gift list and budget.

In between all these fun Christmas activities I will be making some new pre-made scrapbook layouts, working on my website, and working on more custom scrapbooks. I am hoping to find some time to work on the boys books as well. Actually I will make the latter a priority, the whole reason I started scrapping was to get their memories done and I haven't worked much on that.
So I will be getting back to regular posts as it was a favorite time of the day for me. Talk to you soon.
ps The Christmas Ring Chain
take some wrapping paper and cut into 24 strips about 6 - 8 inches long. Wrap strip into a ring and tape together. Take the next strip and wrap through the first again taping it into a ring, this is making a chain. Continue this until all 24 have been intertwined and form a long chain. Each night the kids cut one ring off the chain, come Christmas eve there will be one last ring to cut, when they are all gone Santa is coming!


kim* said...

I m happy for you and your Trevor getting good grades. School is super tough for the little ones.

Anonymous said...

Love the Christmas chain idea. ..