Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just one more sleep!!

I am just amazed that the countdown clock for the Vancouver Winter Games has less than 24 hours remaining. Can you imagine waiting for Christmas for seven years and today is finally Christmas eve, this is what it feels like.

I am not an athlete, not a volunteer (I wish I was) and really not a spectator as I only have tickets for one Olympic event but the anticipation is overwhelming.
How to make you understand why I feel this?, in all my life I have never felt such pride to be a Vancouverite, many many years we are listed in multiple publications as being the most livable city in the world, well now many will see this and I can't wait.

When Rory and I were younger (meaning without kids,lol) we would on a regular basis drive into downtown, the same route through the park, by the beach, up Robson and then where ever and I would usually like a broken record always say, "wow this is the prettiest place ever!!", now the world can see.
I know there are many wonderful places and cities in the world but for the first time since I have been alive the eyes of the world will be here and I know they won't be disappointed.

I wish every athlete regardless of your nationality the best of luck and may this experience truly be life changing for you all, I mean really no one walking away from this will lose, medal or no medal I don't know many Olympic athletes and I believe just by getting to the Olympics you are truly a winner already!!!

By the way speaking the other day of commercials getting me all teary eyed, here is the song that is doing it to me now, and the video attached, well honestly another reason I feel such immense pride!

Cheers - Happy Games for all

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do commercials make you cry??

I have to start off by saying that over the next two weeks I can only assume that my posts will have a very common theme....the Winter Olympics.

It was back in 2003 that I sat around a computer at work and heard that we were awarded the 2010 Olympics, 7 years. Trevor was 1 and Brendan wasn't even a thought yet.

I ask the commercial question because lately I have been overwhelmed with emotion while watching the Olympic themed commercials. I think it stems back to the fact that when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 one constant thing he said to his doctors was that he WOULD be here for the Olympics in 2010. Although he put up the biggest fight he possibly could have it didn't happen and know as the time comes closer I wish that he could be here, he was so proud of his city and was so very excited. Rory helps to cheer me up by saying that my Dad gets to see everything, he doesn't need a ticket (oh by the way 4 gold medal hockey tickets are currently on auction for $70k).

Yesterday the torch came through my town on it's way to the final destination. I live only a block from the torch route so I took the day off work so the whole family could witness this. There was an all day celebration at our events center and the plan was to stay the day there. Trevor had other ideas though, he came down with a 103 degree fever and was going nowhere. He was ok in the early morning when the torch went by our house so he did see this, I would love to show the pictures I took but .... well always check your cameras battery before leaving the house, yep dead battery only discovered minutes before the runner went by.

I did go to the events center to see the community cauldron lit, I unfortunately only have one picture because 10,000 people showed up for this event and I couldn't get close enough for pictures, I swear every 7 foot person in Langley stood in front of me. I would move and another 7 foot kid would move in front of me...who knew Langley had so many tall people, I guess I didn't get the memo as I stopped growing at 5 feet :)

Last Monday my brother in law was a torch bearer in a small town up north in our province. It's funny how things turn out, by bil was the torch bearer in the town my Dad grew up in, I thought that was weird. You don't get to keep the torch you run with but can purchase it, after all is said and done it costs about $500. Not everyone on his route purchased the torch so he had a surprise for Rory and brought him home a torch as well, Rory was so happy. I personally don't get why you would want it if you didn't run but Rory feels like he has a piece of our history and couldn't be happier. Oh by the way, many locals have dubbed the torch the joint, and considering that we are unfortunately known as the marijuana capital of North America not sure the design was the best choice, you can be the judge, lol.

I am taking in many of the free events during the games and did get tickets to an awards ceremony, not quite sure what to expect for that .

So the plan is to ensure that the battery is charged and to have the best experience ever!!! I'm guessing just a few more tears to shed. Tears of pride though.

Oh and Trevor he has fifths disease (slap hand) a virus that will keep him home for the next week and a half to ensure it doesn't spread further.
Cheers :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Letter of Intent

Dear Trevor,

I can' t tell you just how proud I have been with you over the past few weeks. I mean I am always proud but it just appears that you are starting to come into yourself and your confidence, desire, and passions seem to be growing.

First I watched you all week try to learn that list of 11 words necessary to get all correct to move on to the next list. I have never seen you be so hard on yourself and at first I was concerned. Now I realize that you were understanding the process and that this was important to you, and although the learning process sometimes ended up with a wrinkled nose and forehead you succeeded first try. 11 out of 11, honestly the pride I saw flash on your face when you told me the results literally melted my heart. Way to go.

The next milestone is another that is melting my heart but for different reasons. You see before you were born I always saw myself the Mom to a son that was so nuts for hockey that I wouldn't be able to contain you. I saw myself at the rink at 5 a.m. and attending hockey camp after hockey camp. You are almost 8 and since many kids start their hockey careers :) at the tender age of 3 I just finally came to terms that Mom would be the hockey freak in the family. I promised myself early on that I would never push my dreams on you, you had to find your own passions and desires but I secretly hoped :)

So when you came up to me on the ice while were were skating together and asked if I would sign you up for skating lessons so you could join a team I was so overjoyed. You were so sweet, saying maybe one day you could play in the NHL?? I have decided to let a few months pass to ensure that this is truly something you want to do, either way whatever proves to be your passion I will always be super proud.

Love Mom!

The following commercial playing in Canada goes with the letter above, almost brings me to tears, well done Timmies!!

If you would like to read others Letters of Intent be sure to check out Julies Blog, just click the link :)


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Woohoo...It's the start

So I sat here this evening flipping the t.v. between Dr.Oz and Oprah watching them talk about diabetes and excess weight and it got me thinking. Everyday I say tomorrow I will start to seriously change my life and then tomorrow comes and I just keep repeating the mantra, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Well tomorrow no more!! I turned off those shows and popped in the Jillian Michaels Wii game I received for Christmas. I didn't go crazy because you really have to be careful but I tell you I did break a serious sweat and I am very proud of myself.

I am going to keep it up, I am tired of this weight!!!!

Regarding the family, we also incorporated an after dinner walk into our day today. We are quite lucky right now because we are experiencing spring like weather so it was really nice. Still working on the diet but honestly the number of meals we are eating out has decreased significantly so it's a step in the right direction.