Monday, August 17, 2009

Summertime fun!

Well I did it again. I am just going to plead the summer as my excuse for not blogging everyday or at the very least every other day. Last week was my birthday so I have been celebrating that, went down south (to Seattle) to do some school clothes shopping, then again down to do some "me" clothes shopping (that was fun, I could actually look at things without having to wonder where the 4 year old wondered off to this time :)

It has not been very productive time for me but then again I guess the summer is the best time to get outside and celebrate life with the kids and family and that essentially is what I have been doing.

Going forward for the rest of the month we are swamped with activities. My sisters house warming and birthday are next Sat and Sunday respectively, then the kids are going to a campout the following Friday (without parents so we get a date night, yippee!!!) The next night is my nieces (and her fiance of course) engagement party so hopefully the whole gang (Rorys family) can get along for one night to celebrate the first grandchilds engagement, very long story but since last Christmas his family have been feuding, I guess with 7 siblings it's bound to happen from time to time but this is the longest it has ever lasted. A couple days later it is our anniversary, then the long weekend and then............the world can return to a normal schedule, kids will be back in school, the nights get dark earlier, bedtimes are followed (for the kids not me, lol) and I can work on my projects.

I have started working on one of my fall projects already though and those are the commerical (meaning not handmade by me) Christmas cards I sell on ebay. I have listed about 10 so far but once done there should be about 400 card designs to choose from. Beautiful designs, funny, cute, name it I think I would have it and with most falling into a price range of between $5.50 and $8.75 for 18 well made cards with lined envelopes I don't think you could beat it. That is unless you want handmade in which case jump from my ebay store to my Etsy shop where you will find handmade cards and coming soon, gift tags!

Here are a few of the cards I have or will be listing soon! All of my cards can be found in my ebay store, link is on the right :)

So with this few weeks ahead I won't promise anything like I have in the past, but I will hope to get my blogging done much more consistently.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Getti'n Goofy

Just a quick post today regarding my latest listing on Etsy.
I loved putting this layout together because Goofy is my favorite character. I would love your thoughts.

Cheers all :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Etsy Feature - Weddings

I have decided to do a feature on Etsy sellers with Wedding items in their shops. As you may or may not know I myself do custom wedding invitations, I will not include these as this is a feature for other Etsy sellers.

Here are just a few of the favorites I came across.
Luly612 -

This seller has the most wonderful selection of flower girl baskets and ring bearer pillows. This seller will make custom creations based on your wedding colors and/or theme. Some other items in this shop include cake toppers, boutonneirs/coursages, garters, and hair accessories.

You have to check out this shop, the colors and designs shown are beautiful.

If you are in need of a bouquet you will have to take a look at this shop. Southern Girl Weddings All one of a kind, all beautiful and totally unique.

The most amazing silk flower arrangements that apparantely can withstand a great deal of wear and tear, so your bouquet will last well after you say "I do.

I have always love wedding cake toppers and found that this was one way to really show how unique you are as a couple. Well I have to say I did come across some of the most unique toppers I have ever seen. Weddings By Becca-Mari, is where you can find them and many more truly uniquely beautiful items.

I still can't get over this topper, the details are amazing!!

Now what is one of the first things you think of when planning a wedding, well for me it's the dress. It has been many years since I went wedding dress shopping but I can almost guarantee that if I came across this dress it would be "the one!"

This dress can be found in threadhead , this eco-friendly dress has over 40 blossoms accenting the intertwined tree limbs. It is stunning!!

There are obviously many more items to choose from on Etsy, it is a great source when planning a wedding, I just wish it was around when I was planning mine!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Where have I been???

I am so excited because tonight I will be able to sleep, it is finally cool. I haven't been on-line for over a week because I have been so exhausted from the heat and lack of sleep that moving from the couch was too big of an ordeal :) Not quite that bad but it was exhausting, we have experienced the hottest days ever in this part of the world. For many I am sure it's been hotter but for us that live without air conditioners it has been yucky, the hottest day reached 97 degrees but with the humidity it actually felt like 111 degrees, normally our high is around 77. Anyway long story longer the heat and lack of sleep have kept me away.

We took a weekend away as a family also, it was a long weekend (B.C. Day) so we decided to run away to the Seattle area. We stayed in Bothell WA and took the ferry over to the Olympic National Park and to Sequim. We experienced a game farm where the animals actually stick their heads in and you feed them. This picture below is of Brendan, his face is just priceless.

Trevor had a blast with this deer, it wouldn't leave him alone, I actually started to drive away and the deer ran after the car. Then Trev was trying to feed another deer and this one wanted nothing to do with that, put his head in and licked Trevs face, it was too funny!

They actually had bears there as well, they were so cute

After the game farm we took a drive to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. I have a stupid irrational fear of heights and didn't realize just how high up this was. It was like 17 miles around a mountain to the top, I was freakin!, and Trevor continuously making comments about if we fell off we would die wasn't helping, he had no idea but he was freaking me out :)

Here are some of the pics from Hurricane Ridge, if you are ever in the area I recommend checking it out, absolutely beautiful!

It was a wonderful weekend for sure, a little bit of everything, ferries, parks, attractions, swimming, and shopping, who could ask for anything more?

I also did get some scrapping done, actually put together this card. I haven't uploaded it to Etsy yet, probably will tomorrow and also hope to get more done projects completed tomorrow as well.

Also my neice just announced her engagement so I will be putting together an Etsy wedding feature before the end of the week. My computer days are back, yahoo!! I just hope the cool weather continues, just be sure to know that I will be complaining it's too cold come this winter, lol.