Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I have decided to take the plunge!

I made the decision last night to go forward with a company website. I have found that I have been stressing over the Etsy, ebay question for too long and it is time to take the plunge.

As I noted in previous posts I was uncertain whether to do this or not due to the economy but I am hoping that by the time I get the site up and running the economy will have taken a bit of a turn in the right direction. Probably a little bit of wishful thinking but that is my new mantra these days, positive thinking will evolve into positive results, here's hoping :)

Anyway the plan is to finish all of my Christmas card designs today and tomorrow, I am also working on some photo brag books, once I have done this I will start to focus on the new website.


Michelle said...

Keep us updated on how it goes! I really need to do this myself! said...

Good luck with the new site....Please share with us when it's up and running...
Best Wishes