Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hit by the first cold of the year

Well I have been hit by the first cold of the year and it is a doozie (sp). I am making myself do work but really don't have the desire to do anything.
I did manage to get outside on Sunday, it was such a wonderful day and I hated, just because I was feeling awful, to see the kids stuck inside. So off to the park to see the colors of fall. It was awesome. I am including some pics.

I have a picture of Trevor at this same tree when he was just under a year so after I told him this we had to do some posing, too cute.

Well the park took a bit out of me and I have been down for the count ever since. I am just now feeling a little bit more human.

I did manage to get some new tags done and listed on Etsy and have been working on the custom scrapbook.

The goal for tonight is to work on a few more cards, the custom scrapbook pages, and of course watch the hockey game. Go Canucks Go!!!

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Heather said...

fall is my favorite! Wishing I lived somewhere with a few more trees!