Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Doing the happy dance

Well I had quite a good day yesterday. Started off getting my license, ugh I can't believe the cost of a new license, anyway then I was off to vote. Well I guess I did this backwards because I wasn't thinking and I needed my license to vote, since I had to hand back my expired license..well no license no voting. That's ok though they guy I was voting for won hands down so my missed vote didn't change a thing. I would have been pretty upset though if he lost by one vote, lol.

After this I went home and put together a homemade turkey soup for my Mom and the boys. Rory was off doing his hockey pool, not sure how many he's in now, and I was off to bowling. Well not sure what was in the air but I haven't bowled that well in at least a decade, it was a lot of fun.

I also managed to put together most of the Christmas cards I am working on, there won't be any pics yet though because I ran out of glue and they aren't totally completed yet.
Had some sales on both ebay and etsy so all in all life is good.

Finally something I have been worrying about for 6 months finally happened, with the result I wanted so life is really looking up right now, I haven't been this relaxed since April!!!

Anyway off to buy Trev some winter pj's and more supplies to create.

Still looking for submissions to the contest, come on folks!


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