Monday, October 6, 2008

Crazy Friday - things have now just settled down

On Friday we decided to take the dog for a checkup because she was acting kind of sluggish. Well $500 later and a full day in surgery and the problem seems to be solved. She is now running around with the lampshade on her head and keeps banging into the walls but she is better and for that I am happy.

She's looking a bit messy but obviously with the shade on her head she really can't groom herself like she normally would.

I also had quite a productive weekend with regards to my projects. I was able to finish a layout for Brendans book, put together all my supplies to get ready for my handcrafted Christmas cards (coming soon!) and I finally finished my pumpkin patch layout now listed on ebay.

So tomorrow I will be announcing the monthly contest here on my blog, be sure to check back


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