Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The planning stages - USA roadtrip

For years now I have wanted to take a cross county road trip, across the USA. I know as a Canadian I should want to see my country but I have to be honest and say not really, lol.

I have driven from Vancouver to Winnipeg and do plan to include parts of Ontario and the Maritimes in this road trip so I have covered quite a bit of this huge country.

Now when I say I am planning you have to be aware that this is for probably just under 2 years away, given that Brendan has only just turned 4 I want to be sure that he will at least remember some of it. I have found that Trevor really doesn't have many real memories of the trip we took to New York when he was 5 but anything after that he does so I am hoping the same will be true for Brendan.

Also although I don't plan to plan every second of every day I do like to travel with itineraries, without them I just find my family goes around and around in circles. This type of itinerary will (without taking over my life) take quite a bit of time to complete and I want to be sure that we get the most out of each place we visit.

Here is the quick itinerary I have put together, now this is only as detailed as cities at this time but if you can think of any major places I am missing or any awesome places in the cities listed that you don't think we should miss I would love your feedback. I do have it ending in L.A. as we have done that leg of the trip so many times already that I believe this will be the place we fly home from, only after visiting with Mickey of course.

Niagara Falls
Quebec City
Moncton, NB
New York City
Atlantic City
Washington D.C.
Norfolk VA
Orlando Fl
Rapid City
Salt Lake City
Grand Canyon
San Diego

We are hoping to have at least 45 days to do this, like I said just in the early planning stages but I love planning trips.

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Bonzai Beadwear said...

What a great trip that will be, Im envious! Be sure to post photos when you are back!