Thursday, July 2, 2009

How I imagine it would be...

When I was younger without children I used to dream of what it would be like to have a family. Rory and I wanted kids from very early on but we had to go through quite a few tests and years before we were able to get pregnant. We were actually told we would not be able to have kids so after spending the baby savings I became pregnant, Trevor was challenging us even then :)

Anyway where am I going with this you ask...well I dreamed of all the big things regarding kids, like Christmas, Disneyland, birthdays and more, but most especially it was the little things (family time) that I dreamed of and today was one of those days. Started off uneventful, actually not true, I slept in (needing a new alarm clock), I came home for lunch and Trevor was all over me, hugs and kisses, really weird for him but I love it. Anyway after I came home from work started preparing dinner (can't say what because it was really bad,meaning it was really good,lol), we all sat down talking about our day, this is really important to me the family dinner. Then we all played outside, Trev in the pool, Brendan using the sprinkler and us watching on enjoying their every laugh.
After drying them off I thought we would just sit around waiting for bedtime to come about but instead Rory suggested we all play Wii together, and what fun. Brendan kicks my you know what but the kids thought it was so cool that Mom was playing, Mom never plays.....I can't tell you how many times they asked "do you like the game Mom", or "this is how you do it Mom", and "good try" (yeah I suck!!). I am hoping that these are the memories the boys take from our family one day when it's time for them to raise families because honestly these are the types of memories I have of my childhood and they always put a smile on my face.

I finished my first pre-made layout in quite a while, I have some pictures here but I will be taking better ones tomorrow (better light is needed) before adding it to my Etsy shop.
Titled Cool in the Pool, here are some pics. The next on the list will have butterflies.


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Nannieflash said...

Fabulous card, love and hugs Shirleyxxx