Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Phew! What an awesome weekend!

What a wonderful weekend we had. I have to first say I didn't accomplish anything scrapbook/card related like I had wanted but I really didn't mind because this last weekend are the ones I live for. All about Family!

When I left for work on Friday morning I asked Rory to really think about what he wanted to do on Saturday. He was going to some ball games on Sunday so I knew that Saturday was the only day for quite a while that we would have as a family. What normally happens is we wake up on Saturday and then sit there for hours trying to figure out what to do, by the time we have decided on something most of the day is done, didn't want that happening on Saturday.

Rory isn't a lake person so that wasn't an option, I didn't want anything inside as the weekend was gorgeous so it down to two things to be decided Friday night. The Othello tunnels (none of us had been before) or a full day trip to Sequim WA (they were having their Lavender festival this weekend and they have a really fun drive through animal park (the kids and I have done it and it was a blast, now we want to show Dad)).

We decided on the Othello Tunnels as they were a little closer, Sequim is really something that has to be planned a bit as there is the border and ferries to take into consideration.

So the Othello Tunnels, neither of us had been there so we really didn't know what to expect. Do you know how sometimes you get excited to check out something new and then it's a total bust well this wasn't the case today. Back in 1915 (I believe this was when they were built) 5 tunnels were created through this mountainous area of B.C., it is my understanding the rock was granite and that due to the terrain the man responsible for the tunnels was told there was no way he would get this done, but....he did. They are no longer used for train transport so know they have become part of a provincial park and you can walk through these 5 tunnels. The tunnels are very dark and cool, which is great for a hot sunny day. They are connected also by two bridges that go over the Coquihalla River, the kids loved it and so did the parents. We finished the day with a linner (Trevs word for lunch/dinner) at Red Robin.

If you are ever in the area (Coquihalla Hwy enroute to Merritt B.C.) be sure to check them out, definitely a great pit stop while travelling.

Ok so that was Saturday. Like I said earlier Rory was going to watch some ball, there was a tournament at a park close by to see who would go to Provincials and they eventually off to Little League World series. So I decided to get together with my Mom and spend the day with her and the kids, again it was a beautiful day so it was definitely an outside day, mmmmm what to do. Well since Mom was having us all over for dinner she mentioned she wanted a blueberry or raspberry pie for dessert so I got to thinking, why not pick the berries and make the pie ourselves so that's what we did.

Off to a berry farm in the Fraser Valley to pick blueberries, at first the kids weren't too excited. Trevor actually made a comment like this is going to be boring but after a few minutes they were both so in to it, it was really cute. Brendan kept getting mad at my Mom because she would throw in berries that were still a little pink, I made sure they understood the concept of a blueberry, not a green berry or pink berry and Brendan took this talk VERY seriously. We picked about 4lbs of blueberries and then we were off to my Moms to make a pie.

The kids helped with the vanilla pudding and then had a blast throwing the berries on the pie. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the pie and we did a good job eating it all up. Returned home with some tired kids and an exhausted Mom around 8 p.m. which is why nothing crafty was done.

I was hoping to get some done on Monday night but my other summer indulgence was on t.v. and it's almost over for the season so I had to watch the Men Tell All!!!


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