Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthdays and more

Well I would like to start off with a very belated Happy Fourth of July for all my American friends. I had every intention of doing a post with fireworks and more but we were also having a party here and I got behind in everything I was doing.

Brendan had his 4th birthday party on the 4th and we had a great time with family. He is so sweet, every gift he opened he screams out "it's just what I always wanted!!", for some a few seconds later he would ask what it was, but it's just what he wanted, lol.

Here is my favorite pic from the day. Unfortunately not many pictures turned out because my sister was taking the pictures with my camera and I have no idea what setting she had it on but they are mostly blurry. I can't say anything though because I was taping the celebration only to realize later in the evening that I forgot to press record, this is why taping is Rorys job!

and one I love with the both boys, a little blurry

So tomorrow is a big day for us. It was about a year ago when Trevor had his seizure. After having an EEG it was determined that he needed to have an MRI as well, he was put on the list and one year later here we are. It takes so long because kids need to be sedated to do the MRI and so not many can be done each day. The sedation does make me nervous so Rory asked the hospital if it would be possible to try without sedation first, we will find out tomorrow.

I had promised an Etsy artist review for last Friday and mmmmmmmm, yep not done, this is the plan for tomorrow. I also have a new card to list in my shop so depending on what time we get home tomorrow I am hoping to have it done before dinner.

Last but definitely not least my summer guilty pleasure starts tomorrow, yep that's right I am a huge BIG BROTHER fan and cannot wait to see it so I am sure over the next few weeks there may be some Big Brother chatter.


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Nannieflash said...

I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the MRI scan goes well for you and the results are everything you wish for. I love the photos of the boys enjoying their cake they look extremely happy with it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx