Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Getting off the train

So as the title states I am getting off the train. What am I talking about, what train? Have you ever gone through a moment of your life where you felt you were on a train going nowhere?? Well this has been me for a while.

It is time to catch up with all that has been going on since my last post, this should make the above make a little more sense.

Since selling our house my main focus has been to find a job, as I mentioned in an earlier post I had found a job and it was so horrible that I could not stay on. Since it was my first interview in years (I have been running a daycare and working on my scrapbooking business during the last two years) and I nailed it I didn't think finding another job would be an issue. Well......that was two months ago now, I have been on numerous interviews and even quite a few second and third interviews but I have not received the call that I have been waiting for.

Without a proper focus (of course I focus on my family) the days just seem to go on and on and on and I felt like I was going nowhere fast hence the train metaphor. This changes now, I have decided after great thought to shift the focus of my days to building my scrapbooking business. I will still go on interviews of course, I need a job, but I think that if I can shift the focus than maybe something will happen when I least expect it.

As a family we have had a lot of fun though. We have had a few dinner parties to introduce our friends and family to the new digs. Easter of course, the Easter Bunny was very generous, took a weekend away to Seattle with the boys (Rory stayed home but my Mom joined us),

and celebrated Trevors 7th birthday. Here are some pics of the great day, actually I should say days. We had a family party on the Saturday and the kids party on Sunday.
So now we will focus on next weekend. We are taking Rory's Mum out to lunch on Saturday and then will be spending the day as a family with my Mom on Sunday. Rory asked Trevor what he wanted to get for me for Mothers Day (I really want nothing but great quality time with the family) and his first answer was "mmmm I don't know" and then says "I", well if you know me you would know that I am not much of a girlie girl and makeup really isn't me, but I think that it is so cute that he would think this is a great Mom gift.

So now that I am planning to get back to posting everyday, part of the shifting the focus deal, be aware that there will probably be a lot of hockey talk. My boys (the Canucks) are doing great in the second round of the playoffs against the Blackhawks.

I was so excited to get tickets to the game this past Saturday (really hard ticket to get here in Vancouver) but even on the way to the game I was thinking maybe I shouldn't go. I am not a very superstitious person but when it comes to hockey I am. So considering I haven't been to a winning game all season and since they not only lost but lost bad I thought maybe I should stay away.

Well yep, should have stayed away. They lost and they lost bad! They have played 7 games thus far this post season and have lost ONE, thinking I will just watch on my t.v. from now on :)

So finally I have been doing some spring cleaning with my scrapbook layouts and have listed quite a few layouts on ebay for a low starting price of just 0.99 cents. As well I have a 20 page custom scrapbook page auction which is still at a really inviting price.

Check it out here


talk to you tomorrow

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