Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mothers Day & Christmas

I celebrated my first Mothers Day only days after Trevor was born. He was due weeks after Mothers Day but gave us a great surprise and came to play earlier than expected. I loved that I was able to celebrate that year and I have to say each year only gets better and better.

For the past couple of weeks Trev has been telling me that they have been working on a Mothers Day gift but he was really good and kept it a secret, he is very much my son and secrets are really hard for him so I was quite proud of this.

He was too excited though to wait until Sunday, so at 7:45 a.m. in bed on Saturday I was presented with an envelope, inside the envelope was what he had been working on for the past few weeks.

These are love coupons and there are 4 in total. The coupons include, helping wash the dishes, helping with dinner, making his bed, and my favorite, help me bake. This one is my favorite because I can't bake, I don't have the patience, so any help would be appreciated.

The next item I received was a booklet he had been working on which detailed all the things he loves about me. It was so sweet!

These handmade gifts are such a treasure, I love the work he put into them and I will surely keept them in a safe place to enjoy for years to come!

Christmas was part of my title. I know it is months away but I have a question, when do you start to get organized for Christmas? I have a number of handmade cards to list on Etsy as well as my boxed sets for ebay and I was a little late last year, so is it too early now to start listing them or should I still wait just a bit?


p.s. My boys didn't do it, I was very sad to see the playoff run come to an end but after thinking about it they did ok considering they were not even expected to make the playoffs.

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