Saturday, March 21, 2009

A very eventful few weeks for sure

Since my last post we have moved into our new home, I have started and stopped a new job, and I have been working like crazy to finish some custom layouts.

We moved on the 7th of March and really have not yet completely settled in yet. Part of the problem is still having the availability of the other house. The sale does not complete until the 27th of March so the urgency to get everything out in one move wasn't there, and..being the biggest procrastinators in existence we decided we had plenty of time to get all done. Well we are now down to less than a week and still have quite a bit to get done.
The kids are just loving the house. We moved from a townhouse into a house and the extra running around space is just awesome for them. They are having a blast, however we are constantly having to remind them that toys do not go crashing down the stairs or over the bannister, I know spoil sports we are eh??

The job....omg..what a total disaster. The position was not what was described to me, it was supposed to be an inventory planning position and really it was just data entry. I have no problem with data entry it just wasn't what I had signed up for. The company policies were nothing I had ever experienced before, without getting into detail I felt like I was in jail or kindergarten. So because we had a little extra in the bank with the sale of our home I was afforded the luxury to say goodbye to this position and now continue to look for employment. It has been a little slow this past week but I think because it was Spring Break a lot of people were away on holidays.

So hopefully soon we will get ourselves organized that life can return to normal and I can again post on a regular basis, I am going to make it a priority for sure, just a few things on the to do list that need to be completed.


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Kathy said...

Congratulations on the new house and bummers on the new job. Sure wish employers could be as honest as they expect employees to be!

Good luck with everything!