Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Awesome Find

A couple weeks ago Trevors school had a contest for earth day. The contest was for the entire week and it was to see which classroom could have the least garbage. Every day after recess and lunch their garbage was collected and put in the contest garbage bag. So you can imagine packing a lunch and snack was a little tricky through that week.
I am not a processed food lover anyway but in all honesty when packing the lunch an individually wrapped nutri-grain bar is an easier solution.
This week though Trevor wanted no garbage (this included orange peels which I think takes it the extreme I mean really can't you compost orange peels, lol) so the sandwich went the way of the thermos filled with soup, the nutri-grain bar was unwrapped and placed into a tupperware container and the juice box was no more, replaced by the plastic sippy cup (non-toddler version of course).

I get the point of this exercise but honestly it was more a displacement of garbage because instead of it ending up at the school it ended up in my garbage.

Now I wish I had found the following product that I came across last night weeks before this contest because it would have made packing the lunch a little easier. This is my first year with Trevor in full time class so it is the first year of the packed lunch but I can't imagine over the course of his school years just how many plastic sandwich bags will find their way into the landfill. But no more, check this product out,

It is a reusable sandwich bag, the description is as follows:

Reusable Sandwich Pouch

-made from designer 100% cotton exterior, lined with nylon , a water and stain resistant fabric

-pouch measure 6.50x7.00, a generous velcro closure is used for added freshness to your sandwich

- a convenient 3 inch strap makes it easy for those little hands or adult fingers to carry pouch

-no seams are exposed , no crumbs getting caught in the threads-pouch can be wiped out with a damp cloth, or machine wash warm and line dry

I haven't purchase one yet but I will, just can't decide which one I like the best, here are a few more examples of these bags. What a great way to cut down on garbage and look stylish doing so!!

On a different note it looks like my power of optimism may be working out for me earlier than I thought it would, more details to follow.
Finally my boys (the Canucks) play again tonight, they were winning last game with just over 2 minutes to go and then lost in overtime, I am optimistic ;) that the result will be better tonight

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Jessica Marie said...

i love the reusable sandwich bags :D

i love louisville as well.. i fall in love with it more everyday

hope you're having a wonderful day!