Monday, May 11, 2009

Inspiration Needed

I was successful with the spring clean up of older layouts, the reason I had done this blow out was to start some new layouts for this spring and summer. Unfortunately at this time I cannot find the inspiration needed to get started. I am working on some custom layouts and those are going great but for pre-made layouts, mmmmm, just not working.
Maybe I should just start small and work on some new cards, and then get into the bigger layouts.
One thing for sure is I do have to start working on the boys layouts, I am soooooo behind with their books, I have to find the box where all the scrap ready photos are.
What do you do when the inspiration is lacking, any advice would be helpful :)


Go Canucks Go!!!!!


Jen said...

Unfortunately, I start a new project. That is why I currently man 3 blogs, 2 Etsy stores, and 3 kids! CRAZY!!!
-Sedona Shots
-10oneworld on Etsy

StunningAnnaK said...

I know what it's like to not be able to find the creative inspiration!!!

Hope a muse finds you soon!

hollyzhobby said...

Your scrapbook pages and cards are adorable and very creative.

Karen said...

Very nice pages! Love scrapbooking too.
I get in a creative rut quite often, but I find if I just start, my creative juices start flowing! Your blog is great-

Polka Dot Moon said...

Lovely scrapbook pages! And your blog is great too :)

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

Thanks for all the kind words, hoping to get some scrapping done today, inspiration come find me :)

PK said...

Aloha there. I'm an all out artist, crafter, writer, and Gemini. I have a tendency to hit the wall at times too, with lack of inspiration or burnt out on the projects I'm working on. What I find works for me is to step away from my "To Do List", and give myself time to re-group. Do some thing spontaneous that's not on my have to do radar. We humans have a way with having to accomplish to much, more than what is possible. That's when we loose the love for what we do. For me inspiration comes when I'm happy with myself. Take the time to go to a bookstore and browse the arts and crafts magazines and books. Take a note book and take notes on new ideas that catch your fancy. Explore new ideas, techniques, and materials that's coming out on the market. Than go to your craft store and see if you get your intuition stirred up. Who knows something my just jump out at you and wala. Magic happens. Hope this helped. Inspiration ~ means inner strings, let your own inner beauty come out and just let it flow. In Hawaii we call it Nalu. Ride the wave. Well I've just yakked to much, so let me know if it helped.

brookiellen said...

sometimes i get burnout on inspiration- and I just need to be refreshed. I find that just taking a little bit of time away from my studio and my crafts really helps me to re-energize and this, in turn, helps to brainstorm some new ideas.