Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

Well today has been a different Mothers Day for sure. It has been great just different as we were a split up family. Rory and Brendan are both down with the flu, it has not been fun for them, poor guys, so they were not able to attend the activities we had planned for the day.

The original plan was to have a picnic and then go to Minter Gardens, this is a beautiful spot about 1 1/2 hours from here. Once we determined that we all weren't going the plan was changed to go to Granville Island in Vancouver. My Mom, Trevor and I spent the day down there where we enjoyed fish n chips, wonderful pasteries and some shopping. Trevor was even the star attraction in a magic trick, it was so cute.

Granville Island is such a fun place to visit, just honestly don't go if you are hungry, I wanted some of everything, well maybe not everything as some things were just a little weird!! Check out the tower of strawberries in the photo above, mmmmmmmmmmm.

In a couple hours we are off to dinner, Japanese. It has been quite a while since I have gone out for Japanese and Trevor is so excited to sit in his own private room. He has already had sushi (it was one of their lunch selections this year at school) and he wasn't a fan the first time but I am going to see if he will try it again, you never know, as I tell him all the time, tastes can change!

I hope everyone has had as wonderful a Mothers Day as I have, my only wish is that half the clan wasn't sick :(

Oh, on a different note, my optimism is weaning just a bit with my boys, they lost last night to go down in the series, I am hoping they can get it together for Monday.


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