Thursday, January 15, 2009

Surgery, Garbeurators, & Job Interviews

It has been an interesting last couple days.
It started with a great day for my Mom on Tuesday. In 1998 my Mom battled breast cancer and won however at that time they did not offer reconstructive surgery so she has been living for the past 10 years feeling very anxious about how she looked. I understand some would say that you should be happy to have won the battle and not worry about the smaller things but I think it is just a constant reminder of the whole thing and not feeling like a woman can't help with the mental part.
Anyway my Mom after recovering will now feel comfortable for the first time in a bathing suit or a spaghetti strap dress and for that I am very thankful. It was a two part surgery that was completed on Tuesday. She is at home recovering and I believe feeling quite proud.

Wednesday was a great day for me. I have decided, now that I know Rory will be home full-time, to go back to work. I received a call about a really interesting position and went into a headhunters to interview for it. This is my first interview since early 2000 so I was just a little nervous. I must have done ok though because the headhunter is passing on my resume to the company and I am hoping to hear from them tomorrow about a second interview.

I then came home and honestly I am starting to feel like I live Murphys Law when it comes to this house. It has been for sale since June. In that time we have had a water leak/flood and were without floors for about 2 months, we have had 2 offers that fell through for such complicated issues I won't even go into because they are crazy. Then of course the economy did a nosedive and now my garbeurator. It decided to konk out last night and now I can't show my house until it's fixed. I am just thankful that during the water leak episode we found an honest and reliable plumber (and one that doesn't charge you your first born) so he will be able to come in and fix it tomorrow night. $200 bye bye!! Oh well I guess I can now make it a selling feature, lol.


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Mama Kat said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'll definitely share any tips I can pick up!!

And how heart warming to hear your mom is finally going to feel better about herself. I just can't even imagine experiencing what she has gone through. Good for her!!