Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeling very proud!!!

When your kids are little there are so many firsts and it's quite exciting. Yesterday Trevor had his first spelling test at school. I cannot remember 1st grade but I didn't think this happened until next year.

Now the words aren't spelling 'b' material but the fact that my little guy is spelling just makes me feel so proud.

Here is a copy of the completed spelling test. The words are the, a, and, of, to, & in.
Great job Trevor!!!!!

I have also just finished a Santa paper piecing (I know I missed the holiday but I was working on one for a project so I decided to make a second for the shop)
I will upload this tomorrow, as well as some featured sellers that I want to showcase.

Have a great day!


Carrie said...

How sweet you should be proud!

Mommy Dear said...

I know the feeling--even the small things are huge for us mamas.

This is much different, but I saved my firstborn's first nail clippings. Strange, I know, but I'm glad I did. :-)