Sunday, January 11, 2009

Customer service....some days it really stinks!

First I will start off with my pet peeve of the weekend. I have to admit I wasn't in the greatest of moods but honestly I could have been doing the happy dance all day and still would have been seriously irritated!
For Christmas I purchased a camcorder for Rory. I am not a techy person so the decision regarding what type of camcorder was a little tricky for me. The one I wanted to get was out of stock so I settled for a Canon minidv.
After doing some more research Rory decided he would rather the initial one I had wanted and would wait till they were back in stock to replace it.

I checked the website at Bestbuy yesterday and found 1 in the 3 stores in our area. It was in Burnaby, this is about 1/2 hour away from our house so Rory called the store to confirm it was in stock. He also explained to the dept manager on the phone that he was replacing his Christmas gift with this one, he did this because he wanted to do the transaction in one swoop at customer service.

Anyway we get there, through the snow that was supposed to be rain, and wait in a line about 20 people deep. I am keeping the kids entertained looking at Wii games until it's our turn. Now it's turn, we produce our receipt, ask for the other model ($100 more expensive I may add) only to be told by Ms. RUDE herself that we have missed the allotted time to return this item and thus we our out luck. UMMMMMMM I don't think so!!!!!!

I was mad, apparently I was supposed to read the fine print on the BACK of the receipt because camcorders only have 2 weeks to be returned. But, I explain to Ms.RUDE, when I spoke to the store last week I was advised that the replacement camcorder would not be in til now. Ms. RUDE simply looks at me like I am a flea and says "that's too bad", "it's too late and there is nothing I can do for you".

Again UMMMMMMMM I don't think so, manager please.

Anyway long story short, after making us wait quite a while for a manager it took him all of 30 seconds to realize that we were purchasing a more expensive camera and the customer should always be happy. I have no beef with Bestbuy, however Ms. RUDE in customer service, I'm thinking you should find another calling because customer service is not your thing. K ranting over, after many years in retail I can't stand poor customer service.
After the Bestbuy trip we took the kids to Crash Crawlys. They had so much fun. Rory and I we did have a good time with the exception of being scared out of our minds looking for Brendan.

I had left to look for Trevor, this place is a maze of tunnels two storeys tall so finding him can be fun, meanwhile Brendan was in an enclosed toddler area for kids under 3. When I returned I asked Rory where was Brendan, I could see he was already a little concerned because he couldn't see him. He was nowhere in this toddler area and given that Rory was standing the whole time at the entrance to it we were just a little freaked out. I left that area and found him two storeys up (still can't figure out how he got there) shooting balls out of all ball gun at kids 3 times his age. The monkey amazes me, scares me too though.

I managed to get some scrapping done this weekend and listed some new cards and supplies in my Etsy shop

Here are some pics of the new cards.

Cheers til tomorrow


kim* said...

cute cards :)

Meekiyu said...

Great little cards and oh boy you must have been scared when he was lost... and yes... customer service ugh.. I have been on the both ends dealing with tough customer and with dealing with very nasty employees.