Sunday, January 4, 2009

I tempted fate! and I have a plan :)

I wrote my last post thinking that we were done for the snow. The forecast was for rain so I decided to get the kids out one last time before everything turned into a soupy mess. I went to my Moms today and after a lunch out we headed to the park to play in the snow. We had such a great time until the wind started. It was crazy, it was blowing so hard that the snow was falling off the houses around us making for a fun walk home, who would get a dump of snow on their head next was the question.

After quickly getting the kids out of their snowsuits I looked outside and guess what?, yep you guessed it, snowing AGAIN! This was around 3:30 and as I write this post at 11:30 it is still and hasn't stopped snowing. We have had about another 15 cms of snow today. It is seriously driving me NUTS!

Anyway enough about weather. If anyone knows me well enough they know that I LOVE to travel. After my Dad passed away so early in his life with so many travel dreams left undone I decided there and then that that would not happen to me.

I know for a fact that I am driving my penny pinching (when it comes to travel) husband crazy. So rather than see the eyes roll and have him tell me for the hundredth time that we cannot afford it (he's right but seriously life is too short, you have to find a way I say) I have devised a plan for the next family vacation.
I am hoping this will happen around Trevs b-day in late April. My plan is this, cut my spending without him noticing. What? you say. Well I don't know about you but I find I can waste a lot of money, it seems like nothing at the time, a coffee at Tim Hortons, a chocolate bar, a magazine here a magazine there etc. I have noticed over the last few days that I can do without these things.

So instead of depleting any savings in a big way for a vacation I plan to start a secret savings in which I will put $10 - $20 away every day, he won't miss it but I think it should add up quite quickly. Rory also has no idea what I make from my business, it has always been my personal spending money so that too will make it's way into the fund.

I am not planning on an African safari or anything elaborate, simply a family vacation to Disneyworld or land, I am dying to see Brendans reaction now that he is aware of the characters and takes to rides and such. So I am crossing my fingers that I can make this work because Rory can't say no if the tickets are in my hand purchased and non-refundable. Oh what games I play!!!!

Cheers (tomorrow my New Years resolutions)

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