Tuesday, January 20, 2009

52 Questions - question #3

question #3 - do you believe in fairies?
answer - yes & no. Although I am not a believer that little tinkerbells are flying amongst us I do believe that their are little things looking over us. How do I explain this.....my dad and Ror's dad passed away in the same year, all of a sudden 2 stellar jays started showing up every morning in our tree and would literally just sit and watch me on the deck.
Now I know that they are just birds but they are like my fairies because everytime I see them I believe that I am being watched and taken care of. A bit of a stretch?...for sure...but it makes me feel better just like fairies do for others.
Ok cats out to the bag, I am a little strange lol.

How would you answer this question.


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