Monday, January 11, 2010

WooHoo I did it!!!

Ok so before I noted that I would not have any New Years resolutions and I am sticking to it! I have however made some decisions to make some changes and one that I noted before was that I am going to work more on my boys scrapbooks. I love doing custom work but I have to say it has taken me away from the boys books and I am very happy to get back at them.

So anyway here are the first two pages I have completed, it is of Brendans 3rd birthday, yes he will be turning 5 so like I said I am a little behind :)

The next pages I will be working on are of a family bowling trip, can't wait.

I do however have some custom work to finish up this week. I am making some wedding invitation samples and when I have the samples ready I would love some feedback, this is a few days away.

Hope you had a great Monday!

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Foursons said...

Those look great! I love to scrapbook too, I just haven't found the time lately. What with all this blog reading and stuff.