Friday, January 8, 2010

My first craft fair and what I learned

So this past holiday season I finally attended my first craft fair as a vendor. I did it with very little notice and have to say that I was just pooped when it was all done. To say I didn't want to look at another Christmas card was an understatement, which really sucked considering over the next few weeks that was all the mail I received.

Anyhoo I learned a valuable lesson, as I was successful (I think for my first show, I made my table fee and supplies back and about $100, not so bad considering it was a monsoon outside and the foot traffic wasn't as heavy as usual, so I was told) and would love to do more shows, that lesson is to start now. I am going to organize myself so that I am not only putting in great effort to my Etsy and ebay stores but into planning and creating the items I can do now and properly storing them, this way I am not up until 3 a.m. the morning before a show.

Also I know I have said this before, bit of a broken record, but the boys books are taking a top priority this year, I am so far behind and really want to focus on those as well. I am off to a good start as I have printed photos for about 6 layouts and will do these before anything else.
So the reason for this post is too let you know that I am not off my rocker when you see Christmas goodies posted around Easter, I am just getting prepared :)


elsiee said...

congrats on your success! you've got the right idea, organization is key! Here's to a year filled with profitable and fun shows! namaste, elsie

Foursons said...

That sounds very successful to me! Congrats!

62 Cards - Sammye Jo said...

congrats on your first show!!!! Bring on 2010!