Saturday, January 16, 2010

A tourist in our own town!

Well we made the venture downtown to be tourists in our own town. It was a little weird getting around because there have been a lot of road closures and parkade closures.

I will be making one last trip downtown before the start of the Olympics at the end of January for a hockey game, I am thinking it might be crazy!

We found our way to the Art Gallery where the countdown clock is situated, it was quite amazing to see how many people were there doing the same thing as us, getting the picture. We were lucky to find a nice guy willing to take the picture of the entire family.

We also went down to Canada Place, I had read that there were some events starting on the 12th of January, I guess I read this wrong because the place was inaccessible as the media has taken it over, this is where many of them will be stationed for the games. We did find the Olympic rings but of course because it was during the day they were not lit, oh well still cool to see them in the harbour.

It was an amazing day, the first time I think we have seen blue sky since before Christmas so it was refreshing to get some fresh air and enjoy the day as a family of 4.



Foursons said...

This is so neat. Did you get tickets to any of the events?

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

We have tickets to the last awards ceremonies of the games. Unfortunately the events we really wanted to see were done by lottery and we didn't win the option to purchase. We will be taking in a lot of the free events so it should still be fun.