Friday, January 29, 2010

Letters of intent

Dear My Bug,
This past weekend was honestly one of the scariest we have had since your car accident. For reasons I still don't understand you decided on your own that my life was so horrible with you that the boys and I should leave and start over. I don't understand what brought this on but I hope that those feelings are truly gone.

When I explain to people for the first time what life is like all I can say is that our life was changed forever the day of your car accident. I definitely lost the husband I knew that day and our boys lost the Dad they knew. Yes you have a brain injury that has altered your personality but even on your worst days all I can say is that you are still a man that makes me happy and I believe our boys are the luckiest kids in the world to have such a great Dad.

I am not sure what your thought process was to come to the conclusion that our life would be happier without you but I NEED you to understand that the vows I spoke 14 years ago were for forever. For better, for doubt this is the worst but can I tell you I still feel like the luckiest person that we decided all those years ago to walk this life together FOREVER come what may.

I go to bed each and every night and hope that somehow our life can return to the way it was, that you can enjoy the moments of our life to the fullest and that the pain you suffer through daily will diminish. However if this never happens please know that you have a partner in life that will stick by your side and live this life together with you forever!

Love you :)

Dear oldest son,

I have to tell you I am so proud of you! To have a teacher (not yours) search me out at a school to tell me that you are such a sweet kid and that every time she sees you you make her smile. What a wonderful thing to hear. You are a sweet kid with a heart of gold. Love you to pieces!

Dear Provincial Government,

you are my gripe for the week. I have to say first off that I am so excited and happy to have the Olympics coming to town.... great job getting this done. I do also though have to say that I am very disappointed to hear that you bought 1 million dollars worth of Olympic tickets. In a time when so many are hurting financially and so many programs are closing down due to a lack of funding I am honestly blown away that you find no issues spending money on tickets to Olympics events. Please let me know how you can hear the stories of elderly programs closing down and essentially leaving them helpless and not feel that inappropriate decisions were made with these purchases.

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Rachel said...

Kudos to your boy! Sorry about the car accident - one changed our lives almost two years ago too. Makes you grateful for every day with your loved ones.

Foursons said...

I'm so sorry you're having such a rough go of it right now with hubby. Hopefully things will turn around and you can write a happier letter next time.

Don't you love it when someone praises your child? Good job mom!

Thanks for linking up!

Kmama said...

First of all, thank you for the very kind comment you left on my blog. You're absolutely right, EEG's and MRI's are terrifying for all involved. This was Buster's fifth EEG. He only had one MRI and he was only 4 mos old at the time, so it wasn't too traumatic for him, as he slept through it.

Second, I'm sorry life seems to be throwing you (yet another) curveball. I hope you can work things out!