Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am going to be sore tomorrow :)

Trevors class is going on a field trip this week and next to the skating rink. Since I don't get to take part in many of his outings due to work I decided I would take a few hours off each day to enjoy some skating. One problem I didn't think through. Trevor can't skate and I haven't been skating in about 15 years. We decided to do a practice run today (so Mom doesn't look like an idiot on skates) and I have to say I was presently surprised that my legs remembered what to do!

I was even more surprised and super proud that both Brendan and Trevor took to skating without any incidents, they loved it! Brendan (the little guy) kept telling me to leave him alone, stop following him! Ok, yep, sure bud, you have never been on skates, the place is packed and you are the size of a large 2 year old, you are on your own! I don't think so! I do love his independant nature though.

Last night I finished 4 custom invitations for my niece. The request was purple, with ribbon and no other details on the front. This was hard, for one I don't really like purple, two, I like embellishments, and 3, not sure what 3 is but it was hard :)

I would love your feedback on these (the pictures aren't the best but I really don't want to remove the ribbons to open the cards until my niece and her fiance see them):

The last one here is my favorite, the flower is not yet attached because as I said they didn't want any embellishment. When I saw these flowers I just knew they would be perfect but I didn't want to force it so I thought I would just place it there for them to see, maybe they will change their minds :)

Have a great Monday!!!


Foursons said...

I think they are all great, but number 1 is my favorite.

Tina said...

thanks for visiting my blog...I like the last one with the flower. I amnot a huge fan of purple eaither but my daughter loves it and it is starting to grow on me...weird huh? Great blog...

ill be back