Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!!! I know a little late ;)

I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and hope your holidays were the best ever.

2010, wow, is all I can say. I can remember the day that we were awarded the Winter Olympics (7 years ago) and 2010 seemed so very far away and now they are but 5 weeks away. I heard before kids how time goes so much faster once you have them but holy moly time is flying!!!

So life around our area is going to be a little crazy for the next 3 months with the Olympics here but also very exciting. I am so excited! I didn't get tickets to anything but do plan to take time off work to enjoy many of the free events/concerts that will be going on.

We had a bit of excitement in our neighbourhood earlier this week. I guess excitement isn't the right word, scary is better.

My husband saw a red light flashing and I went to investigate, only to find a house in our subdivision was fully engulfed in flame. Thank goodness the firefighters were able to put it out before it jumped to other houses, we are all so close to one another. I only found out today that this house was a grow-op, have to say I am not too fond of the idea of this in my neighbourhood (or any neighborhood for that matter) but as my husband said you never really now your neighbors anymore and this could happen anywhere. Here is the pic from the local paper. Apparently about $200k in damage and not covered by insurance because of the grow-op, what a waste!

So I have decided to make some changes in my life (excercise, get healthy, yada, yada, yada) but I am not going to think about them until the 15th, that way they won't be resolutions to be broken in my mind, oh I am so clever, lol.

Anyways it has been quite a while since I last posted so I am going to take baby steps, lol, getting back into the swing of things.

Have a great one!

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