Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ok so the reason I needed a dose of funny regarding the H1N1 (swine flu)

Oh my what a week of battles I have had with Rory over this terrible flu.

I am not one to play into paranoia over anything and as such although aware and an active participant in the steps to prevent getting the flu I do not prescribe to overreaction. Honestly I believe we have been surrounded by overreaction and it is driving me crazy!

I can't tell you how sorry I am to hear of kids and adults dying of this (and yes the speed in which this is occurring does scare me) but I also take a step back and realize that the numbers just don't warrant the reaction.

First MIL, who was never a real fan of Halloween, was trying to convince my husband (also never a fan of the holiday) to cancel trick or treating because of all the germs. Now if you did this I can't say I understand but your decision to make. It definitely wasn't mine, hence the fight :)

Second sister as I had posted yesterday caught the flu. She is fine but housebound for 7 days as per the directions of her doctor. As it turns out the day she went to the doctor her boyfriend was not there and my Mom took her. That same night my Mom was supposed to come for dinner and discuss some plans she needed help with. Well.....when Rory found out that my Mom was in the same vehicle as my sick sister he banned my Mom from coming to our house. Ummmmmmmm I DON'T think so, nobody bans my Mom but ME (never have, can't imagine I ever will) You see he called a local hotline we have here for the flu and they told him that because she was exposed that we shouldn't be around her for 7 days as well. Seriously people my sister had a towel over her face on the way to the doctor and a mask on at the doctors, and my Mom wiped down her car with alcohol wipes after my sister returned home.
So we weren't on good terms over this, I did concede that one after speaking to my Mom because we realized that nothing we would say would ease his panic over this. Rory isn't scared so much that he will get it but he is scared for the boys.

Rory sent me that picture with piglet I think as a gesture to let me know that even he knows he is acting crazy but he just can't get past it (one of the many issues he has had since the car accident, irrational thoughts). I have asked that as soon as he hears mention of the flu he turns off the t.v. or radio, maybe that will help us all get back to a bit of normal!!!!

Not sure though because only minutes ago he suggested we toss all the boys candy and buy replacements because of the potential germs....oh dear God please get me through flu season with sanity!!!! :)


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Foursons said...

Ugh. How frustrating and sad for you! I'm so sorry all this is going on, but it does make the picture even funnier!~