Friday, October 16, 2009

My scare!!!

I had put together a post for yesterday about Flat Stanley and Trevors experience with it but I didn't get as far as posting it. I came home from work yesterday to find out Rory had spoken with my doctor. Last Friday I went for an ultrasound because I had been having some stomach pain, I didn't hear back on Tuesday or Wednesday so I thought all was good. Not! They found some cysts, now I know this is a very common experience for women but because of my family history (a lot of cancer, my Mom is a breast cancer survivor, but not all members in my family have been so lucky) I was a total mess last night.

I should back track a little, you see for the last month and a half for unknown reasons I have had this nagging feeling that something just isn't right, so when I heard the doctor wanted to see me about these results, well let's just say I visualized every possible scenario.

As it turns out I have a type of cyst that is only cancerous 2% of the time so I am not as worried now as I was yesterday. The doctor still wants me to go for an MRI to ensure everything is ok but for now I am going to squash the nagging feeling and just move forward with life.

I did think that Rory was going to shoot the doctor today though. For the last year he and my Mom have been nagging at me to get a mammogram, I have just nodded and said I would. So today when I brought it up with my doctor and he told me he didn't think I needed one, well to say Rory became a bit upset is a definite understatement, never mess with an Irish man with a brain injury :) Rory and my Mom are right and the doctor really wasn't thinking, considering my Mom was only 44 when diagnosed I think it's time I stop nodding and get it done!!

Anyway here is the Flat Stanley post I was going to do yesterday:

Yesterday Trevor had his Flat Stanley send off at school. It was quite sweet. The class had a big pancake breakfast and then put their packages together. Trevor's Flat Stanley is on his way to Ireland. It was cool because the Flat Stanley was holding an Olympic flag and I believe they included some Olympic themed items with the packages, only 119 days to go till the big event.

I had never heard of the Flat Stanley project ( until my cousins son was in second grade a few years ago, I think it is an incredible way to teach the kids about different countries and cultures. I was just saying to Rory last night that kids today have such a global opportunity with education, if utilized correctly it can make learning that much more fun and interesting.
I am a big fan of learning through experience (don't get me wrong I understand the importance of learning the fundamentals as well) , can you imagine the life lessons you could teach while travelling to different countries and experiencing life as they live it. It has always been my dream to give my kids a globe, have them spin and point at it. Where it lands is where we go. That will never happen though as Rory isn't a risk taker, he likes his traditional vacation spots :)

If given the opportunity and money wasn't a factor where would you go and why?


Joy De Vivre Design said...

I hope everything goes well with all of your testing!

Flat Stanley is a great idea and such a fun way for the kids to learn!

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be to Italy and Greece, sorry I couldn't choose just one. :) In college those were my two favorite places to study for design and I would love to see everything in real life that I have only seen in photos.

Chelle said...

Praying everything will be okay...keep us posted, okay?

Hmmm...anywhere? I would say Jamaicca or Hawaii...somewhere that is beautiful with cute drinks that have umbrellas :)

Susan of Pink Portuguese Roses said...

We LOVE flat stanley at our house!

Praying for a good test result. My sister who just got married, just found out she has some sort of uterine cancer (endometrean, sp?) She has to have a hysterectomy. She is very sad. But happy that it was caught early.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Blessings to you!

Foursons said...

Wow- I hope the MRI has nothing but positive results and that the mammogram gets scheduled ASAP.

Flat Stanley is such a neat idea.

If I could go anywhere I'd probably pick Italy. It looks so amazing there!

Sunshine said...

I hope everything goes well, good luck.