Monday, October 19, 2009

How Halloween has changed (for the better I think)

Last night I was at my Mom's for dinner and a there were houses in her neighborhood fully decorated for Halloween.
My sister had made a comment that she doesn't remember this (decorating for Halloween weeks in advance) when we were kids. After thinking about it I think she was right.

We always had the Halloween class party and decorated the school but houses in the neighborhood didn't really start showing signs of Halloween until the day before or the day of. Now, in our neck of the woods anyway, houses are starting to decorate for Halloween in mid September. I know the media has been stating that this is the fastest growing holiday market and that is really becoming obvious looking at all the houses around.

My concern this year is annual pumpkin patch trek. We had a very unusually warm summer and as such apparently the pumpkins came into season about a month too early for Halloween. I am going to do some research this week to see which patches are open and hopefully we can find a pumpkin or two for the kids to take home. Brendan is at the age this year that I think it will be a blast for him so we have to give it a shot.

This weekend coming up we will decorate outside, with the new house we have to figure out where everything will go which should be fun. Oh and Trevor is trying to convince me to go and purchase a witch we came across the other day. It is a life-size witch that is so incredibly life like it is scary (appropriate for the holiday eh?), the only issue is the cost of the witch, $300...sorry Trevor don't think it's happening :)

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