Saturday, October 24, 2009

Wow, what an extra hour can do!!!!

Last week because I had some tests and appointments to complete I decided to make up the time at work rather than losing a holiday day. Instead of starting at 8 each morning I have been going in at 7. Should be no big deal! I mean I used to start work at 6:30 and have to commute approx. an hour to get there by then. Well I was terribly wrong, not sure if it's just that I am getting older or if my body is just used to that extra hour of sleep but I have been a mess this week! All I want to do when I get home is sleep, absolutely no energy. I'm not sick but I feel as ragged as if I were!

Speaking of sick, I am having a terrible internal debate regarding the H1N1 vaccination. It becomes available to us in B.C. on Monday and they (the government) are rolling it out in stages. My youngest (Brendan) is in the first stage, next is Trevor, and then Rory and I. I believe we will just wait for the final stage to get the entire family done in one appointment, that is if we actually decide to get the vaccination. This is my debate, do I vaccinate my children with something that I am not 100% confident in for the off chance they do get sick with something they could have easily fought off, BUT what if do not vaccinate them and God forbid they are the 1 in a million that does get really sick, oh I just don't know! If you have any thoughts either way I would love to hear them

Anyway busy weekend ahead ( I need to find my energy), all my boys have a dentist appointment (Dad included) today (my turn is next week, ick!), then off the pumpkin patch between rainstorms (oh I can already feel the gushing mud under my shoes, again ick!) and finally decorate the house for Halloween. In the midst of all this I must find some time to get ready for the upcoming craft fair in November.


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Foursons said...

I have heard a lot of reasons not to vaccinate with the H1N1 vaccine, but I don't ever get my kids the flu shot.