Thursday, November 12, 2009

MRI, Anne Murray, and Poop

It has been a few days (yeah more like a week + 2) since I have posted. I had made a promise to myself to not let that many days get by without adding a post but... sometimes life gets crazy.

Since my last post I have been quite ill, met Anne Murray, had an MRI done, and made some poop (not gross I promise, lol).

First illness - well my sister offered to take the kids overnight out of the blue, now I love my sister so it pains me to say but something like that done out the blue is quite rare, needless to say I was shocked. So here I am with a free night to spend with Rory and what happens, you guessed it. A headache, stomach pain, and just overall feeling crappy takes over. So instead of a much needed date night I spent the night, and next day in bed. Lovely.... I asked her tonight if I could have a do over to which she replied, ha ha ha, that's more like the sister I know :)

Anne Murray - I heard weeks ago that Anne Murray would be doing a book signing in our local Chapters. Knowing that my mil is a fan I purchased the book and then headed out to Chapters to have the book signed for said mil. Never having been to a book signing I had no idea what to expect.....seriously I had no idea that I would wait 2 hours for a 20 second signing. Oh well I am chalking it up to one of those things I can now say I have done but will probably not do again. Actually that isn't true, if Jon Bon Jovi

ever had a book signing I would probably camp out for a week to be there, but for no one else for sure.
MRI - I had an MRI yesterday just to be on the safe side that I am not dealing with cancer (oh the thought just sends a chill). So Rory is telling me no big deal, the test is easy ( I tend to panic over these things), I get in there and see that really it is no big deal. Wrong!!!!! I am clausterphobic, and that was a really tight space. I kept trying to just sleep through it but the technician kept interuppting me asking if I was ok, felt like screaming I would be if you would let me fall asleep, lol. I get through all the tests and think I am done, nope, they now need to inject me with a dye, I wasn't aware this was even a possibility. They start poking at me and I let them know that finding a vein is very difficult, 6 pokes later finally they get in. Anyway I am just being a whiny baby, it's done and over with, now I just have to wait the final results in about 4 more days.
Finally Poop - snowman, reindeer, and elf poop, I am up to my ears in it. Just kidding, I am making these for an upcoming craft fair, I think they are a lot of fun and I hope that others do as well.


Foursons said...

I hope the MRI results come back OK. How scary and nerve-wracking.

Cara said...

Wishing you good results. If you ever need someone to go with you to meet Bon Jovi, I'd love to join you :o)

Rachel said...

Oh yikes! The MRI doesn't sound like "no big deal" - glad you're done with it! hope you have great results :)