Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I am a paper piecer at heart so I am not sure why I have stayed away from stamping, maybe it's the cost, or the space needed....that is until now!

I am probably way behind but I have just discovered digital stamping. What a brilliant idea. No storage issues, they can be filed in little folders to be easily found on the computer, resized and re-shaped if so desired.

So now the challenge is to find the best suppliers of these images, I am on the hunt!!
If you use any such suppliers that you can recommend please let me know.

As mentioned in a previous post I will be participating in a local craft show called Christmas in Cloverdale so my cardmaking and layouts will be in high gear over the next few weeks. I also have a few more tricks up my sleeve that I am going to give a try but I will not mention them till I see if they work. I had quite the experience late last night. I had purchased some beads that I had planned to glue into the shape of mini Christmas trees, along with the beads I picked up some glue, the container had a fine tip so I thought it would be perfect, wrong, nope, nada!!!! When I tipped over the container the glue came pouring out, all over the beads, all over the paper and my hands. It claimed that it bonded in less than 2 seconds, guess what?, that's correct!!! I couldn't get my fingers apart. So here I am at just past midnight with ruined beads and fingers stuck together, I was quite the sight ;)

So until I know I won't go through any other such fiascos I think I will keep these little projects quiet until I can at least see that they work.

Finally planning to head north to my Aunts this weekend for Thanksgiving (Canadian). This will be the first time in about 15 years that my Moms side of the family is getting together, considering we used to do it every year when I was young I am really looking forward to it .

It has been absolutely glorious for the last few days, temps still in the 70's , so I am crossing my fingers that there isn't a change because I don't want to be driving in the snow through the mountains.

Cheers for now.


Holly said...

I can highly vouch for if you like a variety of digital images. They have a lot of artists so you get many different styles of artwork. They have lots of tutorials too and are quick to help you with any issues. I use them almost exclusively now! You can see a lot of samples with their images on my blog.

Foursons said...

I like paper piecing too. Almost all of my scrapbook pages are made that way.