Monday, September 14, 2009

We enter the first week of school and already Trevor is home sick. He went to school on Friday with the beginnings of a cold but there was no stopping the kid because was so excited to find out his new teacher, class, and classmates. Funny thing as it turns out everything is exactly the same as Grade 1, same teacher, same classroom, same classmates (oh I lie, he has 3 new classmates). During the weekend we just saw the cold grow progressively worse so today he is home, with H1N1 I am certain they would have sent him home anyway.

I know he is just wanting to see his friends but he is very upset about missing school, apparently he advised us (or so he thinks!) that cold or no cold he will be going to school.

So we did do the corn maze on Saturday and with the exception of the times we let Brendan lead the way we did pretty well and managed our way out in just under an hour. We asked when we entered what would happen if we did get lost, we were kidding of course, the attendants answer was that they would come and find us when they cleared the field, November 1st!!!!, lol, hope she was kidding as well!

I did get another halloween embellishment set done this weekend, it is listed in my Etsy shop. I will be working on a pumpkin, bat , and ghost set next.

Finally tomorrow is the final day to enter the blog giveaway, simply scroll down a few posts to see the rules, super easy way to win your Christmas cards for this year!

I will be drawing the winner on the September 16th.


Mike and Linda said...

Wow what a maze. Glad you got out before Nov 1....Hope the flu is very light and back to school quicly.

Rhiana said...

That maze looks like fun! We have already had sick time this school year too - amazing how fast kids spread stuff! Hope your little one gets better soon!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I there! You left a comment on your blog, but no email address is attached to your account for me to reply, so here I am! Did you know there is a box you can check off in blogger to allow people to respond to your email address?

Thanks so much for stopping by!
How did you find me, btw?
Hope your child is feeling better. Bunny is better today than yesterday.