Monday, September 28, 2009

How important each day is....

It took me about 36 years to realize that I shouldn't wish away my life. Do you know how you go to work on Monday morning and can't wait till Friday, that was me totally. That is until I realized I was wishing so many days of my life away. I now try to make the most of every day I have here on earth.

You're like where is she going with this...well yesterday I received a call that just made this point all the much clearer.

My sister had some friends over on Saturday night to her new home. They sat around chatting and her and one other girl in her early 20's were talking about how precious life is and that you have to cherish every moment. My sister has no idea how this conversation started or why they were talking this way, not exactly Saturday night fun conversation.
Anyway fast forward to Sunday morning, the girl my sister was chatting with woke up with a really bad headache. After a few hours with this headache she asked her boyfriend to take her to the hospital. They did a cat scan and rushed her to a bigger local hospital, she had bleeding in her brain. They rushed her into surgery and there she had some complications and her heart stopped for about 7 minutes. The doctors managed to revive her and stopped the bleeding in her brain but she has not awoken, she is on life support!

This 23 year old girl that was vibrant and fun on Saturday night is clinging to life.

Not the most uplifting post I know but if anything I hope it makes you hug the one(s) you love and realize that every minute is precious and to make the most of all the time you have.



Foursons said...

Gosh, how terrible. I can't even imagine. Thanks for the reminder.

Chelle said...

It's so true. I was the one counting down the hours until naptime, until my husband came home. Not anymore...

Our daughter fell, had a seizure and stopped breathing on Saturday. She is okay...but that was a wake up call. Treasure every moment. Even the bad ones.

I'm praying for your sister's friend. My heart goes out to her, her friends and her loved ones. Thank you for sharing this post with us.

Nannieflash said...

Live is never predictable and we never know when its going to give us a rough deal. Im sorry to hear about your sisters friend and I hope that she does make it through. Good luck with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx