Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Coupons, School, and more

Ok so it has finally hit me too!! The cold I mean ;) I can honestly say I am not as big a baby as one husband I know but I can be a whiner, lol. I am going to try my best not to.

Tonight it is parent teacher meetings, normally it would be exciting, you know meet the new teacher but he doesn't have a new teacher. Same as last year. It will be exciting though to see what he will be up to this year. I can' t get over how much he has changed in one short year. His reading skills are really a lot more developed than I ever thought they would be. I can't get over how much fun it is to have him read me a story. Also from what I have heard they are starting a new math curriculum this year which will include algebra. Never in a million years did I imagine my guy in grade 2 would be doing algebra.

So on top of all the projects I have on the go I have decided to embark on one more. This one has nothing to do with paper though. I have been checking out blogs here and there and love to read them. I happened across one that advises on how to pay next to nothing for your household supplies and groceries using coupons and sales. As a Canadian we really don't have the same kind of system so when I hear people speak of double coupons and match-ups and such I have no idea but considering I live next to a border town I am going to give the coupon world a go. I mentioned this to my sister and she too will work at it with me, like I said to her if I can find a way to spend grocery money on clothes I will do it ;) I can't get over just how happy I get when I get a good deal. You should have seen me when I was in Seattle last month, I was shopping at Fred Meyer and came across Goldfish for a buck a bag, I looked, then I looked again, that can't be right I thought. I picked up 5 bags and headed to Rory at the til. I told him about this and he's like go get more, so a total of 10 bags of Goldfish came home with us that day. When each bag here is on sale for $3.29 that is quite the savings just on Goldfish.

So wish me luck that I can figure out how this all works, and if you have any advice let me know.

Oh and one last thing, I am embarking on my first craft show. I am so excited. I will have more details once everything is finalized.


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