Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wow, what a week!!!

I can't believe I have not posted for a week but it has been a very productive one and unfortunately to accomplish this my computer time was limited.

Last Saturday we took the kids out to get our Christmas tree. Usually we go out and cut our tree down but because Rory is limited in what he can do and since it had been raining like crazy we decided to skip it this year. When we arrived I was fully expecting to be searching the lot for the perfect tree however we lucked out with the first tree we looked at. It was beautiful!

When we got home we started pulling out the decorations only to find that we were missing some boxes. Earlier this year we had done a massive cleanup with the help of my brother-in-laws, I have a feeling that some Christmas decoration boxes were mixed up with the dump load and were thrown out. Anyway off to the store to find some lights, well........everyone was sold out. I was quite surprised.

Trevor really wasn't interested in decorating the tree, he is so funny, all the things I think will be fun for him really seem to be a chore for him. I didn't push it with Trevor because really why bother, not fun to force a kid to decorate a tree :) Brendan on the other hand was so into it. I was worried the tree would fall over because the bottom of the tree was so loaded with his decorations. From start to finish he was right in there, it was really sweet.

Here is the finished tree.

Sunday we had some friends over for dinner. They have a little girl Trevs age and it was really cute to watch them play. Trev kept asking me all night if he could tell her that he loved her. A little 6 year old crush :)

Next was the cold, we usually are above freezing this time of year but this week has been terribly cold. Today the temp is -7 but with the windchill -14 (the non-metric conversion is 19, feeling like 7) This is nuts! We had snow on Tuesday, 15 cms, usually we have snow and then the next day its gone but with the cold temperatures it is still around. For all you that live in the east you probably can't understand the desire for a white Christmas, I think I can count on one hand the number of white Christmas' so this is a real treat. They are calling for more snow on Sunday, Monday, and possibly Tuesday. The kids are having a blast but I am finding it a little too cold to enjoy.

I finished all of my Christmas shopping yesterday, I have never been this organized. All the shopping done and the wrapping should be done today. I love it!
So now I am on to the food, I just put together my menu
Christmas Eve
Mushroom Caps
Sausage Rolls
Fried Ravioli
Shrimp Rangoons
Crab Dip
Fried Rice
Sweet n Sour Meatballs
Christmas Dinner
Just a traditional turkey dinner with all the fixins, mmmmmmmmmmmm, in all honesty I like the fixings much more than the turkey. I am excited to try a different carving method this year. I was watching Jamie Oliver and they way he cut the turkey was inspiring, we'll see how it goes.
I am hoping to post again before the big day but just in case I don't get a chance, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and the happiest holiday ever!!


Anonymous said...

Those are such cute pictures!!

LeelaBijou said...

Happy Holidays!! ^_^

I love the pictures, soo cute!