Friday, December 12, 2008

New Pre-made Scrapbook club's snowing!!!

I started a new club in my Etsy shop yesterday. Here are the details.

One common thing I hear when I mention scrapbooking is just how much people would like to do it but just don't have the time in their already too busy lives.
Well here is the solution.
Join the KriskropMemories Pre-Made Scrapbook Club and have all of your wonderful memories preserved into beautiful scrapbooks.

The Bronze level is 2 12x12 layouts each month for THREE MONTHS.Every month (1st of the month) you will either mail or e-mail pictures you would like scrapped, and journalling if desired, and I will have your completed layouts in the mail by the 15th of the month.

This is also a perfect gift for someone who just had a baby or was recently married, a gift that keeps on giving month after month.

This club is also available in silver and gold variations, each with extra bonuses included!!!

Also I am working on a snow themed layout and guess what it is snowing today, perfect timing I'd say, really puts me in the mood. We don't get very much snow here so when it does snow it is quite the event.
Brendan just saw that it was snowing and his reaction was "HOLY SMOKES", "THIS IS CRAZY". He is so excited. Trevor is at school so I can only imagine his response but I know he has been doing a countdown since he heard the possibility of snow 5 days ago.
I am not sure if it will stick but I hope it does a little, really be great picking out our tree in the snow. That's the plan for tomorrow, haircuts for the boys, a trip to see Santa, and then off to pick out the tree. Should be a great day!

Cheers for now

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