Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chocolate Goldfish...oh my

In the past when I was a kid it was such a treat to go to Washington state to find all the different things we couldn't get here in Canada. For example, breakfast cereal, the types available would just be overwhelming to a kid, so many choices but only one box allowed. We could always get one new box of cereal and one snack. However as I grew older and free trade came to be the differences didn't seem as large but I still always have to check.

I am glad I did this time. I had no idea there were chocolate goldfish.

You can imagine the number of bags of goldfish we consume here with my 2 boys and the additional 2 I watch, when I showed them the bag of chocolate goldfish they were really happy. I didn't think to try one till last night and now honestly I am thinking of hiding them, they are sooooooo good.

So anyway this is my tribute to pepperidge farm and chocolate goldfish and may they reach the Canadian border soon :)


Luminous Mom said...

This blog made me laugh because I grew up in Blaine, Washington... literally a stones throw from the peace arch border crossing, and we used to love going to canada to get all the treats we couldnt get in the states... my mom loved coffee crisps and for me and my brother it was Mackintosh toffee!

now we live in Utah and its impossible to find canadian candy here, but any time I visit home we stop at the border crossing and get some, lol. Glad to know you guys do it too! it makes me feel a little less lame for being so excited about food.. hehe

Grove Designs Co, aka Kriskropmemories said...

I can totally understand the toffee. As a kid my Mom used to either have a coke (anybody remember the glass bottles)and a toffee or her other favorite, salt & vinegar chips. I can eat the chips but they aren't a favorite but the toffee, mmmmmmmmmm.
Mr.Goodbar was (is) my favorite that I can't get here, always get the king size bar when I go down, but I am usually sick of it half way through, you'd think I'd learn but I don't :)
I love Blaine, spent many a weekend night playing pull tabs and it is still my regular post office.

BonTons said...

oooh, hiding the snacks from the kids, Such fun, if only they new about all the hidden goodies. Maybe a box of Chocolate Goldfish will swim down to Oz one day!