Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Monday

Well thankfully the rain has come for a few days. In July we received a total of 1mm of rain and that has not helped the forest fire situation. Today after three days with on again off again drizzle they have lifted the health/smoke warning. As I said in the last post the air quality has been so bad many have been forced to stay indoors.

With the rain maybe my lawn with change from that lovely gold color to its natural green, probably not but here's hoping :)

I have finally taken the time to take pics of some projects I recently finished. They were originally for challenges but with the lack of computer they did not get posted as such.

I am working on some new challenges this week so hopefully I will be able to enter the challenges before the due dates....this is the plan.

Personal layout for Brendans Book

Cheers :)

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Tobi Crawford said...

hi! You asked about my printer, but i'm afraid mine isn't that great either.. i have an Epson and it prints on cardstock pretty well, but only up to a certain thickness... PTI and some other 110 lb. stuff will not go through, so i usually print on 80 lb. neenah CS..

hope that helps! Hey, you should come by clipper street and introduce yourself sometime!! ;)